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CLU - Nathan has submitted his version of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. This map is big, but not nearly as big or detailed as Darth.Hu...


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CLU - Nathan has submitted his version of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. This map is big, but not nearly as big or detailed as Darth.Hunter's Helm's Deep. I know I shouldn't compare the two, but I'm going to. Darth.Hunter's map is much more accurate, but it's nearly impossible to play on. This map, however, is quite playable. :) In fact, the layout of weapons is even well-thought out for reenacting that famous scene.

I won't even touch on the subject of my FPS. ;) But it was better than I expected, anyway. There are several passageways and hallways and staircases all over inside. This could be a fun map to play with a large group. The tower appropriately houses a disrupter with ammo and, of course, the mines are found deep within the keep. Now, it's not exactly a secret if you're smart and read the readme first (which I didn't) - the wall explodes. It freakin' explodes! I had no warning whatsoever. OMG! The explosion scared the living $#&! out of me. I jumped about 2 feet out of my chair. OMG. Okay, so that was SO freakin' cool.

So, bottom line, I really enjoyed this map. It was fun to explore and it looks like you could have a great time with a guns FFA on this map. Also, it includes bot support, so if you don't play online, you can still hope the bots will help you either defend Helm's Deep or maybe you can fend them all off on your own. ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel


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Download 'ffa_helms_deep.zip' (8.7MB)

MAP NAME : FFA Helms Deep

MAPPED BY Nathan (of the >CLU> :P)

MAP Version : Version 1(b/botsupport)

MAP Type : ALL FFA MODES (gunz and sabers :P)

BOT SUPPORT :Yes, limited to keep and outta/inner wall

Map INstallation : Just unzip the file to your jk2/base folder :)

Map notes : a few hidden extras and the wall does explode :P
older version of map should also run with this version as nothign has changed bar
the fact that this now supports bots also.
This map isnt supposed to be a complete copy of the helms deep as in the film. Its
just a really cool map to duel on, FFA on and catch jokes on :)i did remake a low FPS 
version of the map but its only 40% complete and i am going to use it as a CTF map 
instead, last thing i want is people moaning about 'another' version :| hehe.

SHOUT OUTZ to the >CLU><clan<,[SASH] clan, KotF Clan and to all my friends at Jolt 1.
Special thx to the following for helping with testing and ideas : >CLU><Obi-John<, 
>CLU><Austin<, >CLU><AliasNcubed,>CLU><siriusblack, >CLU><WarNerve<,Gray,
KotF_Mike_Windu :) and also sergio over at PCGAMEMODS.com

BTW, if u choose to run this on a server pls give me a email to know so i 
could join too :P and feel free to use any custom textures in yur maps ( as they 
are all rubbish)  :P)

Email any bugs, ideas, etc to the above addy :P

Thx to everyone at >CLU>< for helping with the testing of map :D  
There is a CTF version of this map to be released by me soon, so keep yur eyes peeled
and check out the matrix reloaded map also to be released soon.


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