FFA Naboo City



Due to its complex architecture and plentiful foliage however this often makes it difficult to recreate it faithfully in a map, but Darth Arth has done a fantastic job doing just that, and in JK2 no less! Apparently this map was made in 2004, which is I think a testament to Darth Arth's skill that it still looks great now and I have to say I am very pleased he finally decided to release it here on JKFiles for those people who still play JK2.This is a pretty massive map with multiple areas which can be accessed via a teleportation hub located in what looks like a mansion with its own gardens. Walk up to one of the doorways over which there is a picture showing the area to which it leads, and the area will appear mysteriously on the face of a mirror like object in the doorway. I presume this to be a use of the famous 'camera shader' or something similar perhaps? In any case it is a cool effect. There is a city square with a triumphal arch and even an R4 droid piloted gondola to take you down the river, and an area with an impressive building in the style of the Naboo Royal Palace inside of which there is an arena like area which would be great for duels and a hangar similar to the one at the end of Episode I.One little feature I love is the green teleport (not telephone) boxes which take you back to the teleportation hub. That said, I dont think it would look at all out of place for Naboo to have its own green telephone boxes!My favourite area though is the park area, which has its own lake and a few Star Wars Galaxies inspired buildings (if you have played SWG you will immediately recognise the guildhall ;)) which contain a bar/nightclub and R4 droids offering complimentary drinks (or are the droids drinking them?!). This is one of the most impressive natural areas I have ever seen in a JK2 map, the terrain is smooth and flowing, the tree/bush textures surrounding the area add a sense of depth, and the trees have gently swaying leaves. Combined with the peaceful music and tweeting birds this makes for a very nice area to relax and explore. We really need some tree models/assets here on JKFiles for mappers to use in their maps! *wink wink, nudge nudge* ;) Then of course there is the lava cave duel area... but you will have to figure out how to open the door to the teleport room for that area first!Overall a brilliant map here, my only real complaint is that there should be a version for JKA too; though this does work fine in JKA there are a few missing textures (such in the nightclub area) where it uses JK2 textures that JKA doesnt have. Apart from that there is a small bug in the texturing of the 'bushes' around the edges of the park area. It looks as though the texture hasnt been stretched enough as you can see a very thin line at the top of the bush where the bottom of the bush texture has started to repeat itself. This is a little irritating in the park area but only because there are a lot of bushes surrounding the area and therefore the lines become more noticeable.Other than that an excellent map here and one I wouldnt hesitate to recommend! :DBot Support: NoNew Textures: YesNew Sounds: YesNew Music: NoGame Types: FFA, TFFA~Nozyspy~


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