FFA Raptor Pen

FFA Raptor Pen

Hmmm, when I first opened this map in JA I was somewhat surprised as none of the textures worked. Then I realized that it...


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FFA Raptor Pen

Hmmm, when I first opened this map in JA I was somewhat surprised as none of the textures worked. Then I realized that it was for JK2. So I got out my old, now dusty copy of JK2 and commenced to review this file. The first thing I noticed when I opened this map was the incomplete look of it(this is before I read that it was a beta). The basic design of it was fine, actually very good, the makings of a good map, however the lighting was terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE. The entire map is super bright and personally hurts my eyes. The other thing I noticed is that the map just kind of ends. There about 10 feet along every edge of map with perfectly flat terrain, with nothing on it, and then a sky box. For all you mappers that don’t already know this is not a good thing to do, as it looks unrealistic and generally bad. Basically if I was to summarize this map in 10 words: It is a good start but it needs a lot of work. Also you MIGHT want to upgrade it to JA, cause although there is still a JK2 Community, most people are playing JA. Anyways, nice start, and I really do look forward to an updated version ~DeathBringer

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

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Download 'raptor_pen.zip' (1.92MB)

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<18. October 2003>
Map Name                : Raptor Pen
Author                  : Trent_Easton
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             : www.pd-rpg.de
Map description         : This map is only a pre-release and a little foretaste of my Jurassic Park map. Originaly I wantet
				  to build the whole Park in one map, but as I realised that this would be to big to build in the
				  whole, I decidet to build all the buildings and paddocks first as own maps and put them together
				  later to one big Jurassic Park.
				  So now - Enjoy!

Other info              : The Velociraptor made by LightNinja didn't work. I'll try to fix this, but for now the
				  Velociraptor is not awailable.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Bob Peck...

Thanks to               : LightNinja for the Velociraptor - I'll try to include the model in the next version.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : YES
New Textures            : YES
New Objects             : Not yet

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 679 Bruches
Entity Count            : 115 Entities
Software used           : JK2Radiant and Adobe Photoshop (for the Textures)
Known Bugs              : The light is a bit bright but not realy bad and the sky has a strange textur-error. Oh and:
				  Sorry, no bot route, yet. :(
Build Time              : A few days
Compile Time		: 3 minutes and 31 seconds

* How to use this map *

Put the raptor_pen.pk3 into your GameData/base folder. To uninstall just remove the file.

* Copyright / Permissions *


!!!Do NOT use this map before asking me for permission!!!

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