FFA Rogue Squadron

Y'know, I'm not exactly easy to please when it comes to maps. I have the feeling I've said the exact opposite in another review though. L...


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Y'know, I'm not exactly easy to please when it comes to maps. I have the feeling I've said the exact opposite in another review though. LOL Anyway, I'm not crazy about this map, but there's nothing all that wrong with it. I suppose the main thing this map is missing is like, it's own voice. There's something about this map that just seems so generic to me. No theme, nothing unique about it at all.

There are some rooms that seem made just for weapon and ammo placement. There's a bar with all the things that a bar is supposed to have. Oh, and there's like this corner on the bar that ... well, I don't think it's supposed to look like that. But oh well. Then there's this very small room with a ship in it. Which ... just seems strange. But ... the ceiling is like, open somewhat, so I guess it just ... yeah. So then there are like these, teleporters that look like elevators. And they take you to other parts of the map that, once again, just seem like rooms to hold weapons and ammo. Oh, and then there are these two rooms that will just blind you with color. A blue one and a red one. Something's up with two of the doors. I'm guessing it's z-fighting, though it may be a different error that I know nothing about.

In any case, this map lacks personality. To me, it is not much more than some walls, a floor, ceiling and props. You've proven you can make a map, now work on making a creative and unique map. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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05 April 2004
Map Name                : FFA Rogue Squadron

Author                  : -=NJO=-DareDevil

Email Address           : ednorth@msn.com

Website URL             : www.new-jedi-order.tk

Map description 
This map is made up of 3 floors, the first floor is the engineering floor with a few duel spots but
mostly used for gun FFA.
THe second floor is made for saber and gun FFA, it also has a bar/cantina for any clan that wants
to use it.
The third floor is the main hanger and is made for 1 v 1 duels.

Thanks to               : Members of -=NJO=-, Solidus-the solid one, for beta testing, www.massassi.net 
			for Radiant  Tutorials.
			www.jedioutcastmaps.com for tutorials
* Play Information *

Software used           : JKII Radiant

Build Time              : about an hour a day over 3 weeks

* How to use this map *

place map into base folder then type /map ffa_rogue in the console (shift + `) 

* Copyright / Permissions *


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