FIA Saber Training

Amazing, large, well designed map, with a few textures missing here and there, but nothing that takes away from the playability/quality of t...


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Amazing, large, well designed map, with a few textures missing here and there, but nothing that takes away from the playability/quality of the map itself.

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<January  25th, 2003>
Map Name                : FIA Training SE
Author                  : FIA_DCTA as main author with ( FIA_PIZZA1 / Paul ) as consortor and helper
Email Address           : FIA_DCTA-   FIA_PIZZA1-
Website URL             : and
Map description         : Based on the utterly horrific map that was FIA saber training, with added dueling rooms and
for the gunner in all of us, a nice battle field mock up to blast the night away in. Try to find the rockets. A good trap also
secrets all over the place

Other info              : Try sumo wrestling gameplay. its simple. try to stay in the ring, cooler with nf
kick other people out of the ring, or kill them. kicking is the key! watch out for telefragging

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, FIA, Lucas Arts, 
Thanks to               : FIA_LEMMING715 - for gettin me to start mapping again
                          FIA_BEEFaRONI - for the competition on making the first map
Extra Thanks to         : Raven - for making the crappiest and only map making program for jedi outcast.
                          Ashley - For being so sweet and understanding of my swaring at the stupid radient.  I love ya baby
                          Faceless_Cl0ck - Helping with my stupid problems. Inspiring me to make maps as well as -
                          Claxon - for your tutorials and for making maps that motivated me to get into map making
Extra Extra special thanks  : FIA_DCTA - Thanks for helping with taking this over evan though it was with the idea
created by FIA_PIZZA1.  (I am most thankful for being givin the ability to make this map as it is for a show of just a
start in what I have learned to do.  This was a learning experiance for bigger, better maps to come. - FIA_DCTA)

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO
New Skins               : NO
New Objects             : NO (does anyone else see a pattern here?)

* Construction *
Brush Count             :   5000
Vert Count              :   100000
Entity Count            :   dunno
Base info               : used orignal concept FIA Saber Training as base then added on and improved the base.
Software used           : The peice of crap known as JK RADIENT
Known Bugs              : bots get stuck once in a while, slight z fighting.
Build Time              : Orignal map was about 6 hours, addons took about 7 days. on and off working switching between DCTA and PIZZA1

* How to use this map *

Unzip the .pk3 file to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\Base  if your lost, you desrve to be drug out and shot for incompitence :)

* Copyright / Permissions *


If you want to fix a problem or 2 or want to use it as a base, you MUST MUST MUST have permission from both FIA_PIZZA1 and FIA_DCTA.

Dont steal my map, or ill send rabbid clowns to come and eat you in your sleep. This map shouldt do harm to your comp, but if it does, you downloaded it and installed
it at your own risk. I am not resposible.....for anything. This map may cause fun, it may induce laughter at the expense of my crappy skills. This map may not be used 
legal guardian in the 48 continetal united states. Offer void in canada. By installing this map you agree that JK radient is a peice of crap.
You also agree that taco bell 'nacho bell grande' with added bajah sauce is the best food at a fast food chain you can get. Taco bell and nacho bell grande are both trademarsk
of the Taco bell corperation which is a subsidary of pepsi. Pespsi is a trademark of pepsi. The term trademark is a trademark of Miriam and websters dictionary
and the united states goverment. *GET ON WITH IT*  anyways, lastly you agree that by installing this level, i FIA_PIZZA1 a subsidary of FIA (the flying imperial assassians)
own you. Also by installing this you agree that the crap from offer void in canada to this point was a load of bull (except for the part about radient being
a load of crap) I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writting this.

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