{Fm} Council

I have never been as disgusted by a map as I am by this file.

Yes, those are harsh words, but there is reason behind them, I promise you....


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I have never been as disgusted by a map as I am by this file.

Yes, those are harsh words, but there is reason behind them, I promise you. It's not the fact that there is no lightmap present, so that everything within appears in glaring brightness; it's not the fact that there is a huge amount of empty space throughout the map that performs no useful purpose whatsoever other than to make the map seem bigger than it is in terms of gameplay; it's not even the fact that the map is absolutely riddled with error after error after error in creation, from blank brushes to uncaulked areas to every other mishap you could possibly land a finger on, even by accident. No, it's none of these things at all.

It's the miserable fact the author knew about the issues, and he did absolutely nothing to fix any of them.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to describe to you all every stupid little nuance of this map, so I'll just give you all a very quick rundown. Everything is cubic, with the exception of a few curved areas put in for no other reason than to be curved. Rooms are sickeningly textured, with unrelated textures smashed next to each other for no reason at all. Brush after brush after brush is left only partially textured or has z-fighting, so that practically no matter where you look, you'll see either a blank texture where there should be something, z-fighting between two overlapping textures, or simply textures missing completely. Passageways between rooms are sometimes not even tall or wide enough to traverse.

And the author knew about it all. He included a little text document named "secret areas" in which he made that sad fact abundantly clear: after speaking of how to get down into a room from which a ventilation shaft leads off, he proceeds to explain that you can't actually get through the ventilation shaft, you just have to kill yourself to get out of the room. He actually playtested his map, saw his errors, and then did absolutely nothing to correct them.

You know, normally I might be inclined to wish the author better luck with his future maps, but I gotta be honest, I just can't do that here. If he put so little effort into this map that he couldn't even take out the time to make sure that you could walk up the stairs without having to jump every few steps, then perhaps mapping just isn't his thing.

The bottom line? This map has absolutely nothing new in it and nothing going for it that you can't find done abundantly better in other maps. So little effort was put into it that the only thing that disputes the concept that it was done in five minutes is its sheer size; say what you will, it's a damn big map with a lot of places to go.

The problem? There's nothing fun to do in any of them.

So just skim right by this map. Go download Griffinclaw's Jedi Council Chambers, or ShroomDuck's Clan [TMBJ] map. At least they're lit.

Bot Support: No New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes Game Type: FFA

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Download 'fmcouncil21.zip' (4.75MB)

|   /                           |\                 |       |
|  /                            | \                |  /    |
| /   \\                       |  \               | /     | 
|/     |    -----   |----|      |   | |    | |---- |/      |
| \    |    |   |   |    |      |   / |    | |     |\      |
|  \   |    |   |   |    |      |  /  |    | |     | \     |
|   \  |    |   |   |----|      |_/   |____| ----- |  \    |
                         |                                 | 
                         |                                 | 
                     ____|  hughwassup@hotmail.com         |  
Supported gametypes : Only FFA                             |  

released 31/7/03
Map Name                : {Fm}Council version 2.0

Author                  : [MorTal]-KingDuck (real name Hugh Percival)

Email Address           : hughwassup@hotmail.com

Website URL             : www.mortal-clan.vze.com (Clan site)

Map description         : A fun council map for {Fm}Force masters clan. There is a                          bar, Ascari's mansion, And 9 huts for the admins of {Fm}.                          about 6 houses, Chilled council room, and Elite Duelist                          room and duel arena.

				Read secrets to see secrets for map.

			If you have a clan which need a map email me or add me to                         MSN messenger.

Other info              : None
Additional Credits to   : {Fm}LordAscari, {Fm}Puke, [MorTal]-Spike for houses.

Thanks to               : ISA-boburob who got me into mapping and help a "BIT"                           with pk3ing.

Please report any bugs to hughwassup@hotmail.com or IDEAS for a new version of if you want the .map file.
* Play Information *

New Textures            : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Skins               : No
New Objects             : No

Software used          GtkRadiant 1.3.8beta
Known Bugs              : None found
Build Time              : about 40 hours at least, over a month.

---========* How to use this map *=======---------------------------------

Copy the {Fm}Council2.pk3 file and paste it into default C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base

or wherever its installed into gamedata\base folder


* If you would like to have the .map file of this map email me. *


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