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It's rare these days to find maps that do not use custom textures (meaning, textures that did not come with the game, not necessarily textu...


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It's rare these days to find maps that do not use custom textures (meaning, textures that did not come with the game, not necessarily textures that have never been used before). It's even more rare to find a map that uses a grand total of two textures for all its needs. strives to bring you the most variety for your downloading pleasure, and so presents you with: FOE Clan Training.

The map is simple: a big box with platforms. Hopping up the platforms can bring you to the second level, which is a big box with a small room in it, but the room doesn't contain anything, so there's no point in going inside. Trevor explains that a puzzle needs to be solved in order to reach the top level -- his idea of grabbing the detpacks that are on the ground floor (and are, curiously, the ONLY pickups available in the map), stapling them to your backside, and riding fire on up (see screen 3). His readme says that there's supposed to be an ATST up there, which could be true, but I didn't bother testing the map in single player, so I honestly wouldn't know. There is a block that hovers out in the middle of nowhere (see screen 4), which I assume is used to get onto the vehicle, so it must be possible in SP.

The rest of the map is a stewed combination of platforms, missing textures, z-fighting (see screen 5), and walls that don't line up, so be sure to not step into any dark alleys, because they don't lead anywhere but off the edge of the map and into dealthless oblivion. The map is far too big to be played in the provided duel multiplayer mode, which means that you're pretty much stuck with offline play. If you enjoy it, good on ya. If not, I promise I won't hold a grudge against you.

Move along, little doggie, move along. Nothing to see here.

Bot Support: NO New Textures: NO New Music: NO Game Types: DUEL

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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000   Trevor E     000
000   For No Reson 000

simply extract the pk3 into ur gamedata/base folder, then run ur game!!!!!!!!

no bugs, exept for a textur glitch, but it might not happen.

my name is trevor evenson, my clan site is, and my address is

this is ur basic map. with two rooms, and in the room on the top floor there ios supplys....btw, to get there u need to solve a puzzle(dont drive the atst up there off the edge.)
i will make another map well, upgrade this one by making the bottom room accesibul.but, all u find in there is a trip mine pake, and a few droids:)please send me ur info, because i would like to improve this map for u.

btw, this is for training against carecters in the game, so to spawn them for those of u who dont know, bring down the consol(to do this hold shift and ~`.) and type devmapall then type npc spawn reborn or w/e u wanna fight:)

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