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Mini-mod rating: * * (out of four)

Boomer_MaFiABoSs' "Force Fire" version 1.01 isn't quite for what I was hoping. It is a small mod...


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Mini-mod rating: * * (out of four)

Boomer_MaFiABoSs' "Force Fire" version 1.01 isn't quite for what I was hoping. It is a small mod that will modify your Force lightning so that it looks like fire while also changing the lightning shot sound to a burst of fire, making it sound a bit like a flamethrower. Working just fine, it's usable, and it's likable, but it's not really fiery Force lightning as you would expect.

I like the flame sound element of this mod but the lightning changed to fire just doesn't look like true fire. I've never seen fire that exists in long strands of what I think look like "fire beads." Up close, each individual one does look like fire, but the image of fire itself needs to be larger for people to understand; at a distance, they all just look like orange blobs. Lightning works when it is in long strands, for that is its natural form, but when you shoot strings of beads of fire, it is too controlled and not chaotic enough for the personality of flame. The Force fire, subsequently, just doesn't look very good due to these problems. What's worse is that the sound doesn't fit the image at all. The sound sounds like one full breath of fire oozing forth, while the Force fire itself are these silly little beads of orange strung together like lightning. Perhaps better advice to anyone is that just because something is orange doesn't mean it's fire.

None of this really comes as a shock, I'm sure, seeing how we've had plenty of previous attempts to change Force lightning to fire. Some of them looked and sounded like fire, but painfully took down my precious framerate. Fortunately, the problems associated with this mini-mod actually result in one advantage, at least for people like me whose computers are just "okay": my framerate was just fine and dandy using "Force Fire." That's a welcome advantage if you're willing to hear fire while shooting stringy orange beads.


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Download '' (216KB)

Info: This little mini-mod is for JK2 (and JK3)
that replaces the old lightning effext with a fire effect and the lightning sounds with fire sounds.

extract to base

delete it from base

Version: 1.1
Updates: Sounds added (forgot them last time)
You may use this in your mod, but please contact me first!
[email protected]
Nickname at jk2files: Boomer_MaFiABoSs

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