ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back

To begin, let me explain to you all that I'm not a fan of mods that change the game too much. Which is why the only mods I ever used were Vu...


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To begin, let me explain to you all that I'm not a fan of mods that change the game too much. Which is why the only mods I ever used were Vulcanus and Jedi Academy on my servers. With that said, on with the review of ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back. :)

For those who liked the first ForceMod, I think you guys are going to love this one. Between the grappling hook, jetpack, flame gauntlet, cloaking for Mercs (like Mindtrick), Optic Radar (like Seeing), dual pistols (!!!) and dozens of other features, this mod has something for everyone. So much, in fact, that I can't list everything here. But that's what the readme is for!

I should also note that this has to be one of the most user-friendly mods I've seen yet. Every setting has been worked into the menus and makes it pretty much idiot-proof. ;) Force powers are combinable now, so you can have Light and Dark force powers and there are 4 levels of Force. There are 4 classes for Jedi and 5 classes for Merc. Model scaling has been included and many emotes and admin commands.

I can see this quickly turning into many players' favorite mod. :) Good work Azymn and all the others who put so much work into making this incredible mod!


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Title			: ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back
Version			: 1.0 
Author			: Azymn
E-Mail			: [email protected]
File Name		:
File Size		: ~3.233 MB
Date Released		: 6/7/2003


- Level 4 Force powers available, along with 5 new force ranks
- New Jedi VS Merc mode: Choose to play as True Jedi, Shadow Jedi, Dark Sith, Noble Sith, Scout, Bounty Hunter, Heavy Soldier, HotShot, or Trooper
- Enhanced lightsaber combat with dualblades and twin sabers and customizable blade types
- New Merc gadgets including jetpack, cloaking, dual pistols, and flame gauntlet, among others
- Includes Tchouky Model Scaling and customizable config files for bot classes
- Admin commands provided courtesy of cHoSeN-oNe and Mars
- See for more details.


New Class System:
	"True Jedi"	- All Level 4 Lightside Powers Available
	"Shadow Jedi"	- Max Level 3 Lightside Powers
			- Max Level 2 DarkSide Powers

	"Dark Sith"	- All Level 4 Darkside Powers Available
	"Noble Sith"	- Max Level 3 Darkside Powers
			- Max Level 2 Lightside Powers
			- Pistol
			- Disruptor
			- Thermal Detonators
			- Cloaking Module		
			- Optic Radar		
			- Bacta Tank
			- Shield Regenerator
			- Regenerate Powercell Ammo
			- Max Soft Shields: 120
			- Runs 10% faster
			- Move w/ sniper rifle
			- Resistance to other sniper fire
			- Chance to hit Jedi with ForceSeeing on

	"Bounty Hunter"	
			- Dual Pistols
			- Flamethrower
			- Jetpack		
			- Shield Regenerator
			- Regenerate Blaster/Pistol Ammo
			- Max Soft Shields: 150
			- Runs 15% slower

	"Heavy Soldier"	
			- Pistol
			- Rocket Launcher
			- Heavy Repeater
			- Jetpack
			- Optic Radar		
			- Shield Regenerator
			- Regenerate Metallic Bolt Ammo
			- Max Soft Shields: 180
			- Multiple Sentry capable		

	"Hot Shot"	
			- Pistol
			- Blaster
			- Shield Regenerator
			- Regenerate Blaster Ammo
			- Max Soft Shields: 120
			- Runs 10% faster
			- Chance to avoid damage on any non-saber attack
			- Chance to do critical strike (double damage) with energy weapons

			- Pistol 
			- Blasters
			- Shield Regenerator
			- Unlimited Ammo for Energy Weapons
			- Max Soft Shields: 140
	- Jedi/Sith can wield dualbladed sabers without cheats
	- Jedi/Sith can wield two lightsabers simultaneously
	- Unique lightsaber hilt models can be selected through menus
	- Singleblade users can choose to use two additional one-handed stances (Green and Purple)	
	- Can lock lightsaber types throughout match (i.e. If dualblade chosen, must use dualblade til respawn)
	- Backstabs and BackSlashes can be performed on cue: crouch + back + attack [S]
	- Dualblade lightsabers can be split in half or destroyed
	- Dual lightsaber carrier's 2nd saber may be destroyed
	- Capable of destroying handheld weapons
	- Can specialize in certain type of lightsaber (Pure Lightsaber User)
	- Pure Lightsaber Users (No guns) can now:
		- Block all incoming projectiles if attacker is in crosshairs
		- Block Lightning and Drain attacks if attacker is in crosshairs		
		- Does 50% more damage with lightsaber
		- 25% reduction from explosive splash damage
		- Runs 10% faster with saber holstered		
	- Jedi will now try to block sniper shots with their saber before trying to dodge	
	- Multiple lightsaber blade types available
	- Saber styles now selectable based on saber attack level.
	- Eliminated blocking from behind
Cloaking:	- Allows Merc to become invisible for a short period of time
		- Cannot be seen with Force Seeing
		- Missiles lose lock on cloaked mercs
		- Invisible to sentry guns
		- Can attack while cloaked

Optic Radar:	- Goggles send and receive radar waves 
		- Can see moving entities, even through walls
		- Can see mindtricking Jedi in motion

Flame Gauntlet:	- Flamethrower mounted on the Merc's left forearm
		- Does constant damage to all engulfed targets
		- Intense heat bypasses shields and damages tissue directly
Shield Charging:- Regenerate shields by drawing power from the battery fuel cells
AmmoCell Regen:	- Replenishes weapon ammunition via the battery fuel cells

Jetpack:	- Must hold jump while airborne to activate jetpack thrust
		- Jetpack can be destroyed		
		- Jetpack sound may be turned off clientside
		- Single, Dual, and Triple Exhaust types available
		- Powered by battery fuel cells
		- Restrictions on use (Fetts, Mercs, Non-Saber wielders, Everyone...)
		- Toggle fuel usage
		- Toggle whether flag carrier can use jetpack

Mobile Battery: - Serves as a power source for:
			- Cloaking Module
			- Optic Radar Goggles
			- Flame Gauntlet
			- Ammo Recharger
			- Shield Regenerator
			- Jetpack
		- Charges over time
		- Resistant to Drain attacks

		- Utilizes Tercero's grapple model
		- Now bindable to a button
		- More realistic physics
		- Retract grapple by holding jump, lengthen grapple by pressing duck
		- Grapple line FX improved
		- Disruptor fire can dismember target	
		- Tazer now deactivates ForcePowers, reduces shields by %50
		- Rolling and Wall-Flipping extended to gun wielders
		- Falling damage increased for Mercs
		- Merc Blaster Ammo maximum increased to 500		
		- Rockets do not lose lock from a Push or Pull [S]	
		- Respawned weapons may be picked up as ammo	
Force Powers:
- Players can combine Light and Dark Force powers.
- Five new force ranks:
	Sith Apprentice:	150 Force Points 
	Sith Lord:		200 Force Points
	Jedi Lord:		250 Force Points
	Ancient Master:		350 Force Points
	One with the Force:	500 Force Points

Heal: 	- Heals over time now, instead of instantly.
	Level 1:- Heals 10 points of damage.
	Level 2:- Heals 20 points of damage.
	Level 3:- Heals 35 points of damage.
	Level 4:- Heals 45 points of damage.
		- Regenerates 1 hitpoint every 2 seconds.
Jump:	Level 3:- Jump 8x normal height.
		- Reduced force cost
		- Falling damage reduced to 1/2.
	Level 4:- Jump 16x normal height.
		- Reduced force cost
		- Falling damage reduced to 1/4.

Speed:	- Short, powerful burst of speed for 2 seconds [S]
	- ForceSpeed costs reduced from 50 to 30
	Level 1:- Sprint at 1.5x normal speed
	Level 2:- Sprint at 2.5x normal speed
	Level 3:- Sprint at 5x normal speed
	Level 4:- Sprint at 10x normal speed
		- Normal running speed is increased 10%.

	Level 4:- Increased push strength over level 3.  
		- Knockdown range increased by 50%.
		- Greater push resistance.
		- Chance to break saberlock increased.	
	Level 4:- Increased pull strength over level 3.
		- Pulldown range increased by 50%.
		- Greater pull resistance.		
MindTrick: 	- Now Force Seeing will only reveal invisible jedi of equal or lesser rank.
	  (i.e. If a Jedi has cast level 2 mindtrick, it requires at least level 2 Force Seeing to reveal him) [Artifex]
	Level 3:- Can attack while cloaked - each attack costs force points.
	Level 4:- Can attack while cloaked - attacking cost reduced
		- Duration increased to 40 seconds.

Grip:		- Can turn off red grip hand extension
	Level 4:- Can move around at 80% normal speed while gripping. (Normally %40)
		- Grip range increased to 2x normal.
		- Damage per second doubled.

	Level 4:- Lightning mastery - other lightning attacks are absorbed by force power.
		- Range increased by 10%.
		- Fresh corpses now shockable on Level 4.

Dark Rage:	- Run speed is 150% of normal speed.
		- Increased lightsaber damage done by 25%.
	Level 4:- Increased lightsaber damage done by 50%.
		- Run speed further increased to 200% normal speed. 
		- Duration of 40 seconds. 

Protect:Level 4:- Consumes force only when hit. [S]
		- Regenerates shields at a rate of 1 point every 4 seconds.

Absorb: 	- Force maintenance costs are like v1.02 levels [Artifex]
	Level 4:- Absorbs 25% more force than level 3.
		- Absorbs and converts 25% of weapon damage into force.
	Level 4:- Heal 1, 2, or 3 teammates for 65, 45, or 33 hitpoints.
		- Regenerate 1 health every 3 seconds.	

	Level 4:- Restore 1, 2, or 3 teammates with 65, 45, or 33 force points.
		- Regenerate 3 additional force points per second.
Drain:		- Drainer takes damage from a missed attack
	Level 4:- Drains ~20% more than level 3 drain.
		- Drains ammo from any energy weapons in use.
	Level 4:- Cost 50% less to activate.
		- Duration increased 40 seconds.
		- Automatically dodge sniper shots without ForceSeeing on
			(even while jumping or using force powers)
	Level 4:- Damage increased by 15% for all stances		
		- All stances available for dualblade or dualsaber users if f_skillMode is on
	Level 4:- Blocking ratios increased by 50% for all stances.
		- Increased chance of blocking lightning/drain attacks if pure saber user
		- Quicker projectile blocking rate.		 
	Level 4:- Saber throw distance increased 25%.
		- Saber throw speed nearly doubled.
		- Saber can spend more time airborne.		
		- Saber will never fall to the ground when blocked.

Other Features:
Tchouky Model Scaling:
	- Scale speed of models based on size (bigger == faster OR vice versa)
	- Scale damage reduction based on size:
		(i.e. Bigger characters take proportionally less damage, smaller get hurt more OR vice versa)
	- Scale saber damage based on how small a lightsaber is (Yoda's saber will thrash now)
	- Scale knockback based on model size

Bot Improvements:
	- Bots may wield two pistols simultaneously
	- fm_classes.cfg allows configurable bot classes, etc..	
	- Bots will now use the jetpack	
	- Bots 'spam' certain force powers less	
	- Bots can use special hilts	
Admin Functions: (Courtesy of cHoSeN-oNe and Mars)
	- mshowmotd <clientnumber>
	- mpsay <clientnumber>
	- mkill <clientnumber>
	- minfo <clientnumber>
	- mstatus <clientnumber>
	- mlockteam <clientnumber>
	- munlockteam <clientnumber>
	- mgametype <clientnumber>
	- mkickban <clientnumber>
	- mfreeze <clientnumber>
	- munfreeze <clientnumber>
	- msilence <clientnumber>
	- munsilence <clientnumber>
	- mslap <clientnumber>
	- mrename <clientnumber> <name>
	- mwomprat <clientnumber>
	- munwomprat <clientnumber>

Bug/Balance Fixes:	
	- Lightsaber forward flip attack velocity increased slightly
	- General Menu improvements
	- Force Configs for Light+Dark Force Users properly saveable
	- No Heal, Protect, Team Heal, or Team Force regeneration during duels
	- "Emote Gripping" will no longer freeze characters	
	- ForceMod menus can now be properly disabled
	- Level 4 Force Push and Pull range and strength are now at appropriate levels
	- Level 4 Lightning now costs force to absorb, instead of replenishing it
	- Level 4 Drain consumes slightly more energy ammo
	- Level 4 Protect values have been adjusted
	- Level 4 Lightsaber throw return speed has been scaled down	
	- Force Grip and Absorb may no longer be used simultaneously
	- Seeing & Mindtrick now work correctly when used simultaneously
	- Mercs take double falling damage
	- Emotes can not be used while grappling/jetpacking/saberlocking
	- Jetpack and Grapple are disabled during special lightsaber moves
	- Bot dual saber colors now display correctly
	- ForceMod server cvars are now pushed down to the client level

	- You can search for other ForceMod II games thru the internet browser "Game:" button
	- Can increase Bot Force Power levels with cvar
	- Adjust minimum forceJump level that kicks can be used on. [A]
	- Speed at which player pushes off wall when flipping boosted
	- Falling damage can be reduced or eliminated
	- Set of 31 emotes available
	- Multiple audio taunts for each character

"cvar_list.txt" contains specifics on each cvar.

*************** *************** *************** *************** 

a) Select "ForceMod II" in the Setup->Mods screen on the main menu.
b) Use the command line argument +set fs_game ForceMod_2
	ex. "C:\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2mp.exe" +set fs_game ForceMod_2
c) Run the "play_forcemod_2.bat" file in your Gamedata directory

Some options toggleable from FORCEMOD menu in main screen
You can search for other ForceMod servers from the server selection menu if it is loaded properly from the ForceMod_2 folder.

Comments : 
First mod i've ever composed, started writing it just so i could jump higher.


---Credits & Thanks----------------------------------------------------------------
For Patience and Longsuffering:
 My sweet wife Mary, who has given me long hours and late nights to allow for this mod's completion.

For Source Code:
 - Raven and LucasArts for Jedi Outcast
 - Dest for releasing the JediMod 1.2 source code, the platform for this project.
 - Tchouky for his RGB and Scaling code
 - cHoSeN-oNe and Mars for the Admin commands
 - ASk for the JediMod grapple code (reference for new grapple code)
 - The Eternal and RenegadeOfPhunk for the Jetpack code, also part of "Movie Battles"
 - Primesghost for his time-saving tutorial:
 - Razor Ace for his posted animation fixes
For SpecialFX:
 - |:|ReMaRk|:| for a compatible saber hilt pack and models. (not included)
 - Tercero- for his Grappling Hook model
 - Dark Reaper for his Flamethrower FX (reference for included fx)
 - StarWars for the Lightsaber skin reference files (reference for included fx)

For Coding Assistance:
 - Tchouky, Razor Ace, The Eternal, RenegadeOfPhunk, ASk, Wudan, and many Lucasforums regulars.

For Concepts & Ideas:
[S] - Stellerwinds for getting me started on how to make a mod and for some of his great JediStyle ideas
[A] - ArtifeX for ideas on balancing certain force powers and lightsaber combat:
	- ProMod homepage :
- Marcus_1 for his animation consulting
- keo718 for the updated tckmodel.cfg and intensive initial testing, feedback, and ideas
- All the Lucasforums regulars.

For Hosting the Official ForceMod II webpage:
Anakin and the Attack of the Clones: Total Conversion team:

And the Beta-Testing Team (in alphabetical order):
Aaron Lasovich, ancient_elemental, AOTJ_Craig, arashxt2, arief_9, bliv, Blue_Lightsaber,
Bogus, boinga1, cHoSeN-oNe, Chris Earp, Classic Luke, Crowy, Dark Reaper, DeathPhantom 1010,
deXtoRious, eo718, erliko, George Costanza, gsmith2001,, Jedi Angel, JerAir, Julian,
KaiaSowapit, KiLLeR_SqUiRReL, klaatudira, lionknight, littleman206, Lord Tnuc, lucini,
lx_cloudstrife, Mace_Windu21, mariners2001, Mark Crump, Michael Williams, Mike Murphy,
monarky2000, mort!!!, noppavee, Osiris, Padawan_7, Pascal Aubry, Paul Neumann, red_blues,
RenegadeofPhunk, RJW_ca, robbie mcm, Ronin Medjai, rut-wa joder, Saiyaman156, Scouttrooper,
StarWarsKartikay, Stefan Bos, t3rr0r, the_killermic, zappa_0, Zathu Koon

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