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Well, here we have an interesting JK2 map. First off, it's set in a forest, and doesn't look too bad. But let's go over it.

You'll mo...


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Well, here we have an interesting JK2 map. First off, it's set in a forest, and doesn't look too bad. But let's go over it.

You'll most likely spawn in a very dark forest, and you'll most likely be facing the house. First off, the woods are very dark. In fact, there is almost no lighting in the forest area. This just really ruins a lot of the effect that the woods would have, and forces you to stumble around until you find something. And then there are the trees in the forest. Or all the trees in the map, as a matter of fact. I can walk through them all. That's great if you want fake trees, but I don't think that the author really wanted that.

The next little area is a graveyard, which transitions from the very dark lighting of the forest to somewhat better lighting. I found the names on the gravestones rather funny, and I also found the "sign here" gravestone interesting. ;) I also found the smiley face tombstone to be funny. :) One side note about this map is that there is a wall all along the side. And guess what? You can walk on it! Yay! There's nothing I like more than going to places in a map that I'm not supposed to get to! With this you can go on top of the tunnel leading to the graveyard, and have a nice time looking around. :p

Okay, onto the house. You walk in and there's a desk to the right I believe. There's a button on the desk. Now what are you supposed to do when you find a button? That's right. You're supposed to press it. It took me a while to find out what this did, but when I did I thought "Oh cool". What it does is change the skybox so that the map is set in the daytime instead of nighttime. However, this doesn't really work. While the skybox changes, the lighting doesn't. So it's dark in the same places as it was before, and doesn't look realistic. So in that instance the lighting needs to be worked on. In fact, it needs to be worked on in general. It gets really dark in some areas, and really bright in others. Okay, so the inside. There are a few areas on the inside, and I'm only going to mention a few. One of them is the dance area. ever hear the hamster dance song? Well it's a real uppity and happy song, and I think you'll enjoy it. Anyways, it plays when you turn it on when you go onto the dance floor. Watch your step, it's slippery. :) Another area in the map was a big piano, kind of like the one in the Old West map. Only the sound quality of this piano isn't nearly as good, and sounds more like an electronic piano that's out of tune. And the final area in the house that I'm going to talk about is the little dining area. hungry? Grab some ysalamari. While this is a nice touch, I think that it could have been made better if the author had placed the spawn point for the ysalamari a bit lower just so that it'd look like it was actually sitting on the table.

I did find one or two missing textures, but you probably won't notice them. But the big thing that needed working on in this map was the lighting. There wasn't hardly enough in some areas, while there was enough in some. But, it's not a bad little map. But there is one little side note. You don't have to put color codes into the name of a map. Just put them into the arena file..

Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA


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==Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Map====================================

Title                   : Forest House
Type                    : FFA, TFFA, Jedi Master, Yasimarri
File Name               : Forest_House.pk3
Map BSP name		: ^2For^1est^4_^5Ho^3use.bsp
File Size               : 21.27 Mb
Authors                 : Ook & lil_binger 
Date of Release         : Februrary 4th, 2006

Email Address           :
Homepage                :
Author Info             : Ook *main Author and designer*
			  lil_binger **Secondary Author and designer**

Main contributor	: Some guy Named Dave

Description             : "Over the river and through the woods" Forest House we go!!!!  

			  The Forest House was started by ook and was a really great map.
			  It had quite a few bugs and some problems but was still an unfinished map
			  at the time when he released the 2nd version.  Since he released the
			  2nd version he has begun work on an old west town and was considering not
			  finishing the forest House map.  I really liked the map and thought
			  it would be a shame for the map not to be finished because of the uniqueness
			  and the fun factor we always had playing in his map.  I asked Ook if I could
			  finish it for him and just a couple weeks later I have a finished version of
			  the Forest House that is more than Ook could have asked for.  Now everyone
			  can enjoy the Forest house and have as much fun as we do.  There are many
			  secrets and entertaining places to find.  Lots of guns and ammo!!!  I have
			  also added functionality for TFFA and Ooks favorite....Jedi Master gametypes.

			  I would do much more with this map however, due to restrictions with JK2
			  mapping I am unable to add much more.  There were a few other areas for the
			  map but max shaders was hit and I had to remove a couple areas in order for
			  the map to work correctly.  Also I have maxed out the amount of entities you
			  can add to the map, otherwise I would have some more usable items.  However,
			  there is much in this map that will be a lot of fun for everyone.  A great
			  idea for a map by Ook, and a great looking finished touch so everyone can
			  join in the fun.


Additional Credits to   : Lucas Arts and Raven Software. Darth G's web site for mapping help.
			  Railback for an awesome water shader that I modified just a little bit for lava and slime.
			  Thanx to all =LM= members who helped test the map and everyone else who has
			  downloaded the map and tried it out.  JK2files for hosting the map.  And ya can't 
			  forget the gamers because it's you who keeps JK2 alive.

Custom Textures ThanX <----excelent resource for textures
And any other texture resource helping the mapping communities.

Bugs:  Probally a few here or there.  Can be a little laggy in some areas for slower computers especially
	in the rooms with cameras.  


* Play Information *

Level name(s)           : ^2For^1est^4_^5Ho^3use
JK version required     : Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Bot-Support		: No
New Textures		: Yes
New Models              : No
New WAVs                : YES
New Music               : YES and NO (no world music)
New Shaders             : Yes
New Effects             : No

* Construction *

Editor(s) used          : GTKRadiant 1.4, Photoshop 6.1, Q3map2toolz, JK2 shader editor

Install-Instructions    : Extract Forest_House.pk3 to your GameData/base/ directory
			  It will appear as &quot;The Forest House&quot; in your map list.

----------------->>>   ***in order to have the map start when typing the map name
----------------->>>       you must enter all these characters:


----------------->>>    The bsp name was a suggestion by, Some guy named dave

----------------->>>    To my knowledge it is the first map for jk2 or JK3
----------------->>>    that will have colors displayed in the server list.    gg Dave


Additional Map info:

Total Brushes:		6758
Entities:		1679
Net Brush Count:	3879

Misc_Model:		335


Trigger_multiple:	41
Trigger Hurt:		2
Trigger Teleport:	2
Trigger_Push:		1


Func_Door:		36
Func_Usable:		12
Func_Glass:		10
Func_Plat:		3
Func_Train:		3
Func_Breakable:		2
Func_Rotating:		1
Func_Pendulum:		1


* I admit that * 
(as required by the LEC Licence Agreement about Addon Levels)

1. My Level works only with the retail version of the
   Software, and does not work with any demo or OEM versions
   of the Software.  
2. My Level does not modify any COM, EXE, DLL or other executable files.
3. My Level does not contain any illegal, scandalous, 
   illicit, defamatory, libelous, or objectionable material
   (as may be determined by LEC in its sole discretion), or
   any material that infringes any trademarks, copyrights,
   protected works, publicity, proprietary, or other rights
   of any third party or of LEC.  
4. My Level does not include any LEC sound effects or music files or 
   portions thereof.
5. My Level identifies in every description file, on-
   line description, read-me, and in comments in the New
   Level code: (a) the name, address, and e-mail address of
   the level's creators, and (b) the following disclaimer:
6. My Level may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with
   any other product for which any charge is made (other than
   incidental charges for time spent on-line), but rather
   must be distributed free of charge. 
7. By distributing or permitting the distribution of any New
   Levels, all creators or owners of any trademark, 
   copyright, or other right, title or interest therein grant
   to LEC an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, sub-
   licensable right to distribute the New Level by any means
   (whether now known or hereafter invented), and to create
   and distribute by any means (whether now known or here-
   after invented) derivative works thereof, and to charge
   for the distribution of such New Level or such derivative
   work, with no obligation to account to any creators or
   owners of the New Level in any manner.

* Copyright / Permissions *


You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this file, with
no modifications or you may only distrubute the file as a pk3.
You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) ,
with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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