Frozen Bespin

Hi! How's everyone feeling today?

Pleasantries over with, we've got a new take on Bespin!

This version has a snowy theme to it. I don'...


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Hi! How's everyone feeling today?

Pleasantries over with, we've got a new take on Bespin!

This version has a snowy theme to it. I don't think I need to explain what exactly that implies, since you all know what Bespin is, and can probably imagine what it would look like covered in snow.

Certain parts have been redone - the old landing pad has been remade in typical UT2004 style. Some buildings have been altered to look more "fitting" with the theme. A radically different, non-Bespin themed skybox has been included. Certain monuments have been rebuilt looking somewhat newer.

The good points come first, as per usual. It's new and unique. Bespin Streets is likely to get some new life breathed into it thanks to this. There are no major theme clashes, although one or two textures are throughly out of place. It looks... 'real'. I actually get the genuine feeling of it being a snowy map. The author's gone on and used sparks of originality on certain parts, while still keeping the decent framerate the original provided. Overall, everything's well-thought out, and the author seems to have checked through the map quite thoroughly, as I can't find much which will detract from it.

There are some bad points. The music. Doesn't work at all, and it's the worst possible choice. You really should have gone to OCRemix, found a Sonic 3 Icecap Zone remix, and used that (making sure to give express and precise credits in the readme, of course - those guys all deserve it ;) ). I found several texture issues where a texture wasn't fitted properly - most notably the ramps. Surface Inspector is your friend. The lighting was plain, but at least there actually was lighting work done to this map. The other weaknesses of the original map are still present, too.

On the whole, it's a nice new variation of Bespin, so give it a try. You'll probably like it.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No (JKA Textures) Custom Music: Yes.... in a manner of speaking.

Gametypes: Free For All

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Jedi Knight II Map

Title			: FrozenBespin
Author			: Drahcir
E-Mail			:
Website 			:

File Name		: frozenbespin.pk3
File Size			: 15 Mb
Date Released		: July 4, 2006 Independence Day!!

Description		: This map is basically the Bespin map we all know and love except with a twist. The map has completely different textures and is in a chilly mountain setting. As you stroll around, you may find a few snow drifts so be sure to bring your boots!!
*Credits : Skybox made by Sock. Check out more great skyboxs by Sock at
	 : Music by Denver's Mile High Orchestra. 

Additional Information	:This map is compatible with FFA. No bots routes were included.

* Play Information * 
New Sounds : YES (music: by Denver's Mile High Orchestra. christmas remix by Drahcir )
New Skins : NO
New Objects : NO
New Textures: YES (JKA textures)

*Comments*I'd like to take this time to give a special thanks to all the people that supported me in making this map. I'd especially like to mention my good friends, [NO]Sirhc, Riddler, Time, and my brother [NO]CountHuntedII. Oh and one more thing, Long live the Non-Obsessed Clan! 

* How to install * 
Just put the frozenbespin.pk3 in GameDatabase in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps.

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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