OberstJedi brings us his latest skin, a kinda-cool Maul reskin.

The screenshot below doesn't show the face very well, but basically it is kind of a two-tone hair texture applied over the face, and the eyes have been given kind of a wild look. OberstJedi has the "FurySpawn" logo applied to the back and belt, which looks kinda fun.

But as a result, I suspect this will only be popular for those players who play against FurySpawn/OberstJedi,because it's a bit too personalized. As a skin, I would like to have seen a bit more creativity applied to more of it, but this is still a nice effort.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes




This is a custom skinning of the glm_maul_model, http://jk2files.com/file.info?ID=3287
I have been working on it and updating it frequently. This is my skin, the one I use when I'm playing on the {ICoP}Dathomir server. It's also the skin I will be using in my story, FurySpawN: Hand of Fear (see bottom).

Original Authors:
Custom Model - Darth Maul
Adam "Cheshire" Lee

Default: Adam "Cheshire" Lee
Red: Kurtis "Kman" Smith
Blue: "Arco" Furgeson

Mason "Temptous" Gilbertson

Additional Sounds:

What I changed:
* Reskinned it to make a tiger Maul with my logos (a redone JK2 logo that says FS instead of JK and a red twisted emoticon)
* Added over 35 new sounds (only kept pain25, pain50, and falling)
* Created a superhuman bot that is an excellent saberist and forceuser. (I pitted him against the {ICoP}Trainer and he murdered the poor schmuck! LOL, the only way I could kill him was dropping him off ledges or DFA-ing him, becuase I usually only got a few swings at him. But I'm not the best player, so you fight him and decide for yourself.

Enjoy, but know this...If I see someone using my skin, I will thank you profusely for downloading it, right before I kill you! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Manuphoben Fury, grandson of Malomni Fury aka Darth Maul

Note: I have not yet finished my story, but I should be done soon...2 weeks!

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