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|GlobensGeng|Carl brings us his update on the |GlobensGeng|Clan skin. He changed the look of the default skin, so it looks like it’s a ghost...


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|GlobensGeng|Carl brings us his update on the |GlobensGeng|Clan skin. He changed the look of the default skin, so it looks like it’s a ghost. There are four variations of this skin: Red, Blue, Sith, Jedi. Its something for everyone :). There are great new taunts unlike some skins *points to those skins*. This skin has the whole Sha Bang New sounds of course Team Colors and of course bot support, so if your bored just bring up the bots and rock n roll. One complaint I have is the default skin seemed a bit hard to see when running around, but it might just be me. Also there is some very funny taunts that make you laugh if your playing so I wouldn't do a taunt in a duel if you get what I am saying :). The bot support works fine, which is good news to some. The team colors look pretty good they are a bit plain, but he changed the face of the blue team color to be a weird green color.

Drum roll please *a Drum roll comes from the distance* Ladies and Gentleman please seat yourself for the final review! Overall guys this is a pretty good skin for an Ugnaught. The skin does look plain like I said, but on his right arm there is the clan logo from what I presume. Well like its a good skin for you Ugnaught fans, because now you can be a sith Ugnaught or a Jedi Ugnaught. Overall I think this skin should be given a shot in the big world of JK2. Carl good job updating the skin you improved a lot on it, now just make a third one :).

New Sounds: Yes! Team Colors: Yes! Bot Support: Yes!


P.S. He added a small story in the readme about his skin Here is Maddogs Review.

|GlobensGeng|Carl brings us the official skin for the |GlobensGeng|Clan based on the Ugnaught model. This is pretty much just an Ugnaught skin with a clan logo and initials on each sleeve of the torso. The team versions are almost exactly the same with the exception of the face color being gray for the red team and green for the blue team. The blue skin is supposed to be a cross between Yoda and an Ugnaught, the red version is supposed to be a cross between Emperor Palpatine and an Ugnaught.

I suggest downloading this file if you are in or play with the |GlobensGeng|Clan. This is just a slight color change with some clan logos plastered on it. Not bad if it’s your first skin but needs a little more custom touches.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'globensgeng2.0.zip' (1009KB)


  Skin's Name             : |GlobensGeng|Clan's official clan skin 2.0

  Author                  : |GlobensGeng|Carl

  Homepage                : http://hem.passagen.se/carlydergard/index.htm

  Skin's description      : A reskin of Raven's Ugnaught model. 
                            The default skin is called holo Ugnaught. And that's what he is, a hologram Ugnaught.
                            The red skin is Darth Ugnaught, a sith Ugnaught.
                            The blue skin is Master Ugnaught, a jedi Ugnaught.
  Other info              : A update of my first skin ever. I think it's pretty cool now...

  Updates                 : I CHANGED THE DEFAULT SKIN!!! just had to say that...
                            More detail on the red and blue skin(ok, I haven't changed too much...).
                            New sounds and taunt.
                            The sounds are the ones fom the "Yoda_kinja" model.
                            The taunts are taken from The Simpsons, Spaceballs, Star wars etc.
                            Fixed bug with the bot's chat section, now the bot won't talk about himself in third person anymore.
                            I've added some .surf files.
                            I also made the bot even better than he was before(better aim and reflexes).
  Filesize                : 1.02 mb

  Additional Credits to   : George Lucas and Raven
  Thanks to               : "Psynex" who created the "holo palpaine" skin which gave me the idea to the default skin.
                            "Team Yoda" for the sounds(I tried to contact you, but I couldn't find your e-mail adresses).
                            All the great guys at jediknightii forums!

  CTF-support             : Yes
  BOT-support             : Yes (called "|GlobensGeng|Bot")
  New sounds              : Yes (Yoda)
  Costum taunts           : Yes
  LODs                    : No

  Story                   : Master Ugnaught: A member of the new republic jedi order. A very respected and wise jedi. 
                            The Force was very strong with him. When he was about 700 years old, 
                            he was killed by his evil twin brother, Darth Ugnaught.

                            Darth Ugnaught: One of the galaxies most feared siths ever. He was about to blow up the galaxy, 
                            When he had to face his brother, Master Ugnaught, in a lightsaber duel. 
                            They had fought for 2 days when Darth Ugnaught finally 
                            threw down his brother from the platform which they were fighting on, 
                            Then he understood what he had done. He became so angry with himself that he committed suicide.

  * Construction *

  Editor used             : Paint shop pro 7, Picture it!, Winzip 8.0, Notepad and ModView 2.1

  Known Bugs              : When you use the default skin and look at the sky, the skin may look a bit..."Magic"

  * Installation *
  Unzip the pk3 file to your "gamedata\base" directory (for example: C:\Program files\Lucas Arts\Jedi Outcast\Gamedata\base)

  * Copyright / Permissions *

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