DragonBall Z! Everybody loves DragonBall Z! So, if everyone loves DBZ, why aren’t there any Goku skins? asgWULF has now provided us with wha...


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DragonBall Z! Everybody loves DragonBall Z! So, if everyone loves DBZ, why aren’t there any Goku skins? asgWULF has now provided us with what he claims to be the first Goku skin in the JK2 world. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good one, but I do see potential.

By using the Cloud model, the author has managed to create three skins, a Goku skin, an SSJ skin and an SSJ 4 skin. As can be expected, at least by fans of the series, SSJ skin is Goku with gold hair and the SSJ 4 skin has weird red fur. I don’t know about the fur because I don’t know what goes on that far into the series, and neither does the author. So it might be accurate, it might not be, I don’t know. All I know is it doesn’t look very good.

All the skins have some potential, but the current execution is in dire need of bettering. First off, there is no texture. Instead of looking like pants or a shirt or fur, it looks like everything is painted on. The quality is just not very good at all. I think if maybe some light wrinkles or something were added it would create another level of realism instead of these perfectly starched clothes. The fur on the SSJ 4 skin looks like it’s wearing some kind of strange, red vest. I feel the best of these, though, would be the SSJ skin. The hair is accurate and the cuts on the body look ok, not good, but ok. The muscle outline in the chest and abdomen areas is also decent, but could still use some touching up.

It also has no new sounds since it still uses the Cloud sounds and it has no bot support and no team support. Also, the icons for the Goku and the SSJ 4 skins would not show up for me at all. Also, because of the way it is packaged, this will overwrite your Cloud skin in game, so be prepared for that. Plus, if you don’t have the Cloud skin you’ll be hearing Kyle’s sounds, since the sound.cfg is directed toward Cloud’s sounds.

The Cloud model is the perfect choice for this skin. The hair is right, the body is right; I feel a really good Goku could come from this if some serious time and effort were put into it. As for this skin, if you’re a serious fan, download it.

- Daku

New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Team Support: No

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Download 'goku.zip' (801KB)

Goku skin pack

All skins are a reskin of the Final Fantasy Cloud model. So props to all of them initially.

All skins are version 1.0

1. Regular Goku.  Just plain ol Goku.  No symbol on back.

2. SSJ1 Goku.  Shirtless, scars,and golden hair.

3. SSJ4 Goku.  Red fur and lots of hair.  I've never watched DBGT so don't hate.  It was just an attempt.

All skins are made by asgWULF

email @ asgWULF@hotmail.com



YEAHAA I made the first skin Goku skin! HAHAhahahahahahahahahahahah:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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