Good Charlotte's Guardian Machinema



meant to represent the robot seen in Good Charlotte's music video for their song Chronicles of Life and Death. I muted my laptop when I was watching it, so don't ask me how the song goes :p. After watching it for a bit, my conclusion is that the robot in question is (1) a robot, and (2) a cartoon. This skin is really neither. As much as we might want it to be something else, the shadowtrooper is a person in armor, so that's a black mark already.When I first saw the video, this robot reminded me a lot of a mixture of the EU droid Bollux and our good friend 8t88, so I was thinking that if the author got it looking right it would fit right in with Star Wars lore. Unfortunately it still looks like a guy in metal armor, so accuracy here is not as high as it could ideally be. I say ideally because this would need a new model, which probably isn't an option. So ideally the quality could be better, but realistically this is probably about as good as it gets without having your own pet modeler in your basement.By the way, for those of you who have one of those... don't forget to feed him.Team Support: NoBot Support: NoNPC Support: NoNew Sounds: Yes~Inyri


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