Gothic Halloween Map

This was map supposed to be a Halloween map, but unfortunately the author wasn't able to release it in time for the event, but that doesn't...


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This was map supposed to be a Halloween map, but unfortunately the author wasn't able to release it in time for the event, but that doesn't stop us from posting it anyway. However, if you want my honest opinion, you didn't miss out on much. :(

My most major gripe about this map has to be the lighing. In practically every singke screenshot you can see examples of how lighting should NOT be done in a map. For starters, the lights didn't have any sources. Not one! (Unless you caoun't the lava) Secondly, my retinas have been scorched with all those vivid colours. Haloween is supposed to be scary right? Well, strangely enough... luminous fluorescent blue lighting doesn't really fit the theme now does it? In the inside sections things defintely start to look up, but in the outdoor area its just very badly done - very flat terrain and textures were used inapproapriately. Furthermore it's ridiculously easy to get out of the level - just jump over the wall! To put it simply, the lighting in this map is the kind of thing that makes listening to 'Barbie Girl' seem bareable ;)

Fortunately, other aspects of this map are somewhat more impressive, most noticeably the jail sections. Yes, it's not the peak of graphical design - but this section was made fairly well, and i did enjoy the broken rock chunks among other things. The author has let himself down though with some sloppy mistakes. As I mentioned before, clip brushes haven't been used anywhere that I can see - whether it be to prevent people jumping out of the map or to make climbing up stairs go smoothly. Additionally, whilst some patchwork is nice, in other places it looks decidedly dodgey. Find me a balcony that is that thin, and still stable, and I'll... well I'll do something drastic ;) Oh yes.. and the music didn't work. After listening to it separately in media player I'm actually kind of glad id doesn't. Vocals like that simply don't work in a game - you want instrumental only, although some vocals can work in certain tunes, but not here! :(

To be honest I can't really critique the fps on this map - my system specs are so high they'd play even the worst made of maps (Haha, sorry I don't usually brag yet these SLI 7800GTX's... ;) ) - but looking at the triangles drawn through the areas I'd imagine it would be fine for most gamers. Oh yeah and theres a few breakable walls here and there - textures don't work particularly well but still, I like interactive features :) Oh, and there's no bot support, incidentally. Well there is.. but it's not very good ;) Now leave me alone whilst I bash my face on the keyboard ;)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (10.84MB)


Map Name: Gothic Halloween Map
Author : Lord Spencer Skerry
E-Mail : [email protected] 

File Name :
File Size: 10.7MB
Date Released : 10-31-05 

I tried to get a dark gothic feel in this map. I tried to release it before halloween, but my computer was down for a week...
anyway, enjoy it, its big. This is my first released map, so tell me if you like it, and bash
your face on the keyboard if you dont.

New Skins: No
New Sounds: No
New Models: No
Bot Routes: YES
New Textures: YES
New Music: Yes
Supported Gameplay: FFA, Team FFA, and Jedi Master

Music from My Chemical Romance off there CD Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. First song is To the End and the second one is 
Its Not A Fasion Statement, Its A Deathwish. If you dont have the CD Buy it, you wont be disapointed (and if you are, i dont
like you...).

* How to install * 

Just extract the in GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer MODS. 

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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