[GPJ] Great Hall

A great hall floats in space. It is secluded, locked away from the rest of the universe. In it, two warriors battle to the death. Their weap...


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A great hall floats in space. It is secluded, locked away from the rest of the universe. In it, two warriors battle to the death. Their weapons of choice, lightsabers, hum and glow as they begin to circle each other. The fight begins and the crash made when two sabers collide can be heard across the galaxy. The sparks fly, and in this beautiful hall, one warrior falls, while the other prepares for his next battle.

When I bust out Great Hall for some dueling, that is what I feel. It’s not very fancy, but it is perfect for a duel. Somehow the mood set by this small map just gets me ready to duke it out to the death. Three distinct areas make up this map, two balcony areas at the back of the map (I count these as one area), a main floor area in the center and on the opposite end a dueling area with an amazing view. At the foot of this area is a window looking down into the nothingness of space. The gloominess of this map is amazing. The hall itself is dim and dark, almost as if it were from some gothic era where industry reigned and its colors had spread into everything.

While I wouldn’t consider this the best map out there, mainly because it is very plain, I would say this is without a doubt one of my favorites. Everything is exactly what you need. Except of course, the thing that it’s lacking, bot support. But this isn’t too bad because it’s a dueling map and bots are not the best duelists.

With ample room for decent dueling and plenty of places to use some of those wall runs and back flips to an advantage, this map is great for a duel or more. I’d love to see this on some of the servers out there.

- Daku

New Textures: No New Objects: No Bot Support: No

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Download 'gpjgreathall.zip' (272KB)


Title                   : [GPJ] Great Hall 
Build                   : Padawan Bob
Design                  : Orkinnman
Email Address           : flibble007@hotmail.com 
Website                 : http://www.geocities.com/gpjclan

File Name               : GPJGreatHall.PK3 
File Size               : 282kb 
Date Released           : 8-20-03

Description             : Designed by Orkinnman, based off of an illustration of a Jacuzzi tub bathroom and extremely expanded upon. Ample room to duel,  not quite enough to encourage running away, and a beautiful design make this map a joy to play in. Mess around with it, you'll find that the design contains many more tactical advantages than one would think.

New Textures            : NO
New Objects             : NO
Bot Support             : NO

Known Bugs              : None

*Construction*          : Many Many Many hours. There have probably been more than 50 versions of this map as I've worked on it. I even stopped working on it for a couple months, and then Orkinnman emailed me drawings he had done to more accurately show what he wanted. From there I spent all my spare waking time building this map to his vision. It has somehow remained fun while building, and hope it will be just as fun for you to play.

Comments                : Any questions, comments, complaints, etc. can be sent to Flibble007@hotmail.com
Installation            : Extract the pk3 file from the zip into your GameData/Base folder. Voila!


If you would like to use this map on your server or have it on your site for download, that is okay with me... Just send me an email letting me know, and including the ip of the server or url of the site. Thanks.


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