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My review of the previous version of this map: Imagine Bespin on acid. That's totally what you get with this map. It's brighter...


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My review of the previous version of this map:

Imagine Bespin on acid. That's totally what you get with this map. It's brighter, more colorful and it has a heck of a lot more going on than the original Bespin. There are more pads, more corridors, more of everything. But the basic Bespin Streets design is still there.

I actually like this map. I didn't think I was going to when I first saw it. My initial reaction was, "OMG They screwed with my Bespin!" But after I explored a bit, I realized that the author of this map actually was able to improve upon Bespin. Nice job.

Just a few reviews ago, I added a "new" Bespin map for JK2 and I didn't like it at all. This map however, is nothing like that. The first version was decent and got a good rating from you guys - and had quite a few downloads. But this 2nd version is even better. It's surprising how just a few texture changes and a new skybox can completely change a map. This looks more like Coruscant at night than Bespin anymore. And I like it. Yes, it it a bit of a clan map with the silly Hall of Fame thing, but it was done well. There are only a few rooms, and they had some entertaining and interactive things going on there. This map is definitely worth your time to download - and I'd love to see this added to servers. Great job updating Bespin!

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (26.28MB)

     GR Bespin
Game		:Jedi Outcast
Title     	:GR BESPIN
Author    	:Enemy Within
Version		:Final

File Name	:GRbespin.pk3
File Size       :26.3 MB
Type            :FFA
Music		:worldspawn music 
Custom Textures :Yes(Lots)
Bot Support     :No


This is the final edition of the Galaxy Rebels Bespin Map.  This version includes a new sky,
additonal structures, new textrues, GR offices, a GR Hall of Fame, and more diverse lighting schemes.
It still contains many of the original features such a detention cell block, control room,
multiple duel pads and some traps. However, In this version I centered all of the spawn points 
very close to the streets in order to make the map more playable in a ffa.  Again this map was made 
entirely from SCRATCH and is not an alteration of the original Bespin Map file. I think this will 
be an enjoyable map to play. I hope you all have fun.

Thanks go to the following people for testing the map and providing
continuous feedback through the many stages of building and development.

Installation Instuctions
Extract file into Lucasarts/Gamedata/base folder.

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