Halloween 2003



for a holiday. What shoulda gone out on Oct. 31st or 30th has now made it out at the 22nd of November XD better late than never I guess. Anywho, behold, and be shocked and amazed at Darth Arth's submission....y'done? Good, let's move on.So the map is pretty tame for a halloween map. It's just a very quiet little neighborhood, with the only evidence of Halloween's influence is the presence of Jack-O-Lanterns and the suggestive music. None of the houses have any interiors, so your battleground is limited to the outside, it seems. The streets are big and desolate, and there's a graveyard with some really huge tombstones lodged in the ground. I think the main thing this map needed was a boost in the lighting factor, or rather, that it needed LESS lighting. A good night setting would have made the experience a lot more entertaining. There were some minor scaling inconsistencies(tombstones, doors too big, etc,) but honestly that can be easily ignored.Well, that's about all I can say about this piece. My brain has officially clocked out, and is now on ice.New Textures: AyeNew Music: NaySecrets to plunder: NayBot Support: Nay- Averus Retruthan


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