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Ah, finally a vacation to sleep in, and sit down for once...

Here we have a sword from the Halo series, which is surprisingly for Jedi...


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Ah, finally a vacation to sleep in, and sit down for once...

Here we have a sword from the Halo series, which is surprisingly for Jedi Outcast. Just so most of you are aware, this is a weapon that's going to be a part of the upcoming Jedi Customization Pack made by LukeSkillz. Sounds like it's going to be a fun pack.

Anyways, the first thing I noticed about this sword was the textures, of course. In my opinion, they could be a little better. Although, weapons from other games are hard to match when your skinning for a game like JK2, or JA. I would suggest that if you decide to make a V2, try to improve the textures a little bit because they seem too.. basic.

The last thing you'll notice that the hilt is pretty well textured, and has a lot of detail on it. I actually liked the all of the detail that was put into the hilt, which is a plus.

The rest of the hilt is okay, but overall it could use some improvements in the next version. The only bugs that the author mentions is the way the player holds the sword. The hand positioning doesn't seem to be correct, but he mentions that it would of made fighting awkward. I'm sure there's a way around that. I suggest asking around, and trying to figure out a way to fix that little bug.

Beware: Don't use this weapon in First person, or your eyes will be ripped from their sockets due to the unpleasantness of the view, and textures. >_>

Overall, this isn't a bad hilt. All you need is some improvements, as I said, and it will definitely make it much better. I suggest a download if you like the Halo weapons.


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Download 'halosword.zip' (1.03MB)


AUTHOR: LukeSkillz

EMAIL: [email protected]

BUILD TIME: I took three days overall, but I probably only spent around 6 hours on it.

INSTALLATION: Copy halosword.pk3 to your 'base' folder (usually located somewhere like C:Program FilesLucasArtsJedi Knight II Jedi OutcastGameDatabase) and launch JK2. That's it!

DESCRIPTION: Originally this file was made for the upcoming JK2 Jedi Customization Pack, but it turned out so good I decided I'd release it independantly for those who might just want the plasma sword as seen in the video game series: Halo.

This mod will change ALL lightsabers to being plasma swords, remove the traditional lightsaber blade, and change the blur to a nifty color trail rather than a lightsaber streak. On top of that, new sounds have been added, so you don't feel like you're just swinging a huge lightsaber hilt.

BUGS: No real bugs that I know of. One thing that may be considered a sort of a 'bug' is how the player model holds the sword. Lets just say the hands aren't right on it...the reason is not because I couldn't align the hand with the hilt, but because if I had, fighting would have been awkward. So I chose to go with the worse of two evils and have the hand position be off and the fighting still great. Another thing is that I hope you don't plan on using this in first person, because the textures do not apply in first person mode, making it a bit unpleasant to the eye.

OTHER THOUGHTS: I put a lot of time into getting this model to be as detailed and accurate to the original thing as possible, but one thing I still could not do: make the blades glow. I don't even really know if this is possible in JO, but if someone knows how, I would much appreciate their input. And again, as I did put a lot of detail work in this, I would ask that IF YOU USE THIS MOD WITH YOUR OWN CREATIONS, YOU INCLUDE THIS README WITH THE MOD! I'm not trying to be selfish here; you'd feel the same way about your stuff!


Last of all, I would like to repeat the name "JK2 Jedi Customization Pack"! It is currently at alpha 4, and aiming for beta 1 public release. BUT, for that to happen (and for the mod to ever get past beta 1) we need a bigger team of skinners! If you are a GOOD skinner (i.e. no MSPaint users, please) you are invited to participate in the creation of this huge customization mod!

Check it out in the filefront forums (use the navpanel on the left, select "The Community/Jedi Knight 2/Modding and Editing")


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