Han Solo by Arco



Now this looks like Han Solo to me! Very good likeness to the movie character! The only thing missing are some sounds :D The face looks amazingly good and the rest just as good! Must download! Note: This skin does not have CTF/CTY or Bot support.



Skins Name	        : Han Solo
Author                  : Matt "Arco" Ferguson
Email Address           : [email protected]

Accessory's description	: Many people were asking for a good solo skin. So I spent some time trying to get a good likeness. More work could have been done but since the GDK came out I didn't see that it was worthwhile due to modelst hat WILL be released upon us all of Solo.

Additional Credits to   : Sundance(for the bots), Raven, Id Software, Adobe

Thanks to               : My luvly gal
* Construction *

Base                    : Afew bits of mace sundacer (also by me)

time to make            : about 15 or 16 hours.

nb. This is my skin and if anyone wants to use it to make their own skins please do so. SO LONG AS YOU SHOW ME WHAT YOU AHVE DONE FIRST. If not your files will be removed.

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