Hangar Bay 327

This was a fun map to review. Okay, maybe not so fun that I wanted to jump around in joy, but still fun enough to be enjoyable. This is a ma...


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This was a fun map to review. Okay, maybe not so fun that I wanted to jump around in joy, but still fun enough to be enjoyable. This is a map based off of the hangar you first see on the Second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. While it may not look exactly like it, as it has crates and other things occupying it, as well as a dueling pad.

The basic construction of the map made it look like a hangar, which is a really good thing. The construction was decent, and there were a couple of extra things around the map that made it more enjoyable. One of which was the floating probe droid head. One would wonder why just the head would be floating. Well…it’s not a probe droid head! It’s a construction worker bug…thingy…Okay fine – it’s a probe droid head. What’s so cool about it? You can ride on it. ;) You are also able to launcher a could of TIE fighters, use a couple of elevators, and then go into a weapons and ammunition room and stock up. Oh, did I mention the dueling pad? No? Curses. Most of the control panels for the TIE fighters and such are up on a duel platform, which isn’t that bad. Oooh! I almost forgot! There’s a turret right next to the hangar door that you can fire!

Suggestions for this map are as follows: work on the lighting. As I remember the light in the Death Star was pretty bright. Another one is to expand the Death Star Turret idea to the other side of the hangar so that it looks like you’re actually IN the Death Star instead of in a hangar that’s floating in space. Another thing is to make it so you can leave the hangar – that is, leave and die. But other than those things, maybe tweak where the weapons and ammo are, possibly move the weapons out into the map so it’s more Quake 3 styled.

The author states in his readme that he didn’t include new music or bot support in his map for two reasons: He’s lazy, and he wanted to keep the size of the map down. I think the last one is a pretty god reason to do that. Anyways, I liked this map. If you still play JK2, I’d suggest you download it and at least try it.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No New Models: No, not really. Gametypes: FFA, Duel


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Download 'hangarbay327.zip' (7.79MB)

Hangar Bay 327
Game :Jedi Outcast
Title :Hangarbay 327
Author :Enemy Within
Version :1.0

File Name :HangarBay.pk3
File Size 84
Music :None
Custom Textures :Yes
Bot Support :No


This map is based off the Hangar Bay from the opening scene of Return of the Jedi.  It is 
a bit more cluttered though with crates, turret guns, a duel pad and tie fighters fying
in and out of the bay.  There is also a head of a probe droid that flies about the hangar which you
can ride on. I hope you all have fun in it.  I added a sepearate room to store ll the guns and ammo for the 
purpose of conserving fps on those floating 3d guns. 

I did not add music or bot support to this release. The reason for this is twofold. 1. laziness
2. to keep down the file size.  If you all want it, let me know
and I will add it.

Thanks go to the following people for testing the map and providing
continuous feedback through the many stages of building and development.


Also, credit goes to UNIverse@War{GR} for building the steps on the duel pad.

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