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Okay. Here we have a pretty good reborn skin pack. Gasp! Did I just say what I think I said? *reads back* Yes, I did.

Okay, what can I sa...


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Okay. Here we have a pretty good reborn skin pack. Gasp! Did I just say what I think I said? *reads back* Yes, I did.

Okay, what can I say? This pack of skins is well made, has a lot of detail in it, and even has funny sounds. And now, for the things that need working on. The flesh is the biggest thing that needs to be worked on. Yes, flesh is hard to skin, but the flesh in these skins just looks...dull. You should try sharpening it a little bit, or something. The other thing that could use work is the torso texture on the blue and gray versions of the skin. The pattern used looks repetitive, but it doesn't look too bad. It looks kind of nice.

Oh! Guess what every skin has. Sunglasses! Cool, huh? Oh, there is one side note. These skins used to be clan skins, but they have been converted to skins that can be used by the general public. And another thing, these have Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail sounds, so expect some laughs. Also, the screenshot has the wireframe for the reborn model showing, while it looks cool, the wireframe is not on the skin. Overall, this is a good pack of reborn reskins.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes (Ni!)


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Download 'havocreleased.zip' (4.8MB)

	Matthew "JEDIofONE" Lueck

	Place havocReleased.pk3 in your \gamedata\base folder
	Start JK2:MP
	Select the character you wish to use
	Join or create a game and enjoy!

	Delete or remove the havocReleased.pk3

	This is a reskin of the in-game Reborn model. It's a personal skin I made for my clanmate and friend, [TMBJ]Havok. It's actually been a WIP since back when I was in {ICoP}, almost a year ago. I finally got off my lazy butt and finished it in these last two days, when all I had done so far was the head, hood, and part of torso for the default. I must say that my favorite version is the red one, as I did the bare chest and back from scratch using a rather ingenious and most 1337 method. For those of you who'd care to know, use the Shadowtrooper body armor as a foundation, and add highlighting and shading to get a rather realistic musculature. The only pain is getting the edges of the model to line up. 
Took me about 5 hours to tweak all four version to as close as they are now. Obviously, they're not perfect, but I wasn't able to get them so. Oh, well. :D Another technique I learned was an easy way to make sunglasses. Make most of the lenses black, and make the eyes and EYELIDS black. This creates a seamless lens, as the human eye can't distinguish different levels of black (since three-dimensionality is partially determined by varying shades of color). I have a deep sense of accopmlishment, now that this is finally done. I guess I needed all that time to figure out how to make the skin. :)

	I worked on the skin for about a week, 3-4 hours a day at least when I first got the assignment. I just spent 6 hours on it Monday, June 21, 2004; it took me an additional 8.5 consecutive hours to finish it, from about 10:00 PM CST on Tuesday, June 22, 2004, to 6:30 AM CST on Wednesday, June 23, 2004.

	(1) Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1
	(2) Windows Notepad
	(3) Windows WordPad
	(4) Pakscape
	(5) Modview (Thank goodness for this timesaver!)
	(5) Bot Maker v1.00 by Firestorm
	(6) Wacom Graphire2 Tablet
	(7) Pentium 4 2.66 GHz 512 MB RAM refurbished HP Pavillion 764c
	(8) Pentium III 700 MHz 320 MB RAM Dell Inspiron 8000
	(9) LucasArts Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Doh! Gotta test it in-game, lol!)

	(1) Parts of the skins are a collage of bits and pieces of textures from the in-game Luke, Shadowtrooper, Reborn, Jedi, and Rodian models. 
	(2) The arm textures from HapSlash's "Degobah Luke" were used as a base.
	(3) The bloody yin-yang on the red version's right arm was downloaded from www.deviantart.com.
	(4) The Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail (Wootini!) taunts were gleaned from over 20 websites on the web, legally I might add. Ni!
	(5) Background textures for the icons were selected from JK2's in-game textures.

=>   My mod works only with the retail version of the Software, and does not work with any demo or OEM versions of the Software.
=>   My skin does not modify any *.COM, *.EXE, *.DLL, or other executable files.
=>   My skin may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with any other product for which any charge is made (other than incidental charges for time spent online), but rather must be distributed free of charge.
=>   By distributing or permitting the distribution of any new skins/modifications, you agree that they do not belong to you.
=>   No graphical element or design may be reproduced for public or personal use without my permission. This skin and the finished art are the sole intellectual property of myself.

ADDENDUM (July 21st, 2006)
	I'm releasing this skin for public use to see if I want to bother getting back into modding. It's over two years old, so it's not a good indication of what I'm capable of now, but it was one of my better skins at the time. The skin comes with a default, team colors, and an additional neutral colored skin. All four are available from the default icon array; in other words, you can select the red or blue variations without needing to go to team colors (a trick I picked up from PLasmaSkins several years ago). Yes, you're eyes are not deceiving you, what you're looking at is indeed a reborn.

	Not really a bug per se, but the bots names are coded to be colored in the Add Bots menu. That means to spawn them using RCON, you have to include the color codes with the name: ^7Havoc, ^4HavocBlue, ^3Havoc_the_Gray, and ^1Havoc_Code_Red. Example: "/addbot ^4HavocBlue" will spawn the bot HavocBlue. If you're not restricted to RCON and are playing on your own server, just add 'em from the menu. Bright colors, kids, bright colors.
	The jump and crouch sounds have been replaced with something that could get annoying very fast. Your sanity may be liable, but I'm not. That said, I don't suggest spawning multiples of them at one time. While hilarious, nearby people will want to kill you. With dull instruments. Like a sousaphone.

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