Heeding the Sunset

Wow, well here is probably one of the best and most unusual maps I’ve ever seen made for JK2!

Its kinda hard to describe, its kinda like...


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Wow, well here is probably one of the best and most unusual maps I’ve ever seen made for JK2!

Its kinda hard to describe, its kinda like a spiky platform hovering in the sky, with a hot air balloon floating nearby. And quite a distance away from that is another spiky hovering platform, which contains a bar! I know it sounds kinds weird, but it is a really cool map, trust me! ;)

Lets start off with the main platform first of all, its like a duelling area more than a proper FFA area, because it seems a bit small for FFA’s. But hey, I tested this map with a load of bots, and it was actually pretty good for a small FFA! In the middle of the platform is a big pool of lava…but don’t panic! You cant fall in, as its covered over with glass ;)

One really cool feature I liked about this bit was that there is a switch on one of the girder-like things (the middle one I think) that stretch over the platform. Press that switch and this cool floor comes up out of the lava and out of the sides of the pit and all comes together to cover over the lava. I thought the way it all moves and comes together looked really good.

Around the platform are loads of spikes sticking out, and scattered around are little pads. When you jump on these pads they shoot you back up onto the main platform. So if someone has just gripped you and thrown you off, or you just ‘slipped’ and fell off, try and fall onto one of these pads, and you will be catapulted straight back up into the action! :) If you miss of course…you will fall to your death!!

Now, cross the little rounds pads at one side of the platform and walk into the floating balloon…you will then be teleported to the bar area!

The bar area is a place for players to relax, and watch the action…on a giant TV! Yes you heard that right, there is a giant TV screen type thing on the bar platform. Go out onto the balcony (it would have been cool if the TV was inside) and you will see infront of you a big screen where you can actually WATCH what is happening on the main platform! This I think is a really cool idea. :)

The bar area inside is nice too, the use of plant and fish tank models adds a nice touch I think, and the architecture in here is nice.

It’s a bit of a shame there’s no music, but I think the rushing wind sound fits very well with the map and sounds cool too.

All in all a very nice JK2 map here, I’m very impressed at what can be done with JK2 graphics, so well done Llama! ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel


***NOTE*** One thing I forgot to mention in the review was the lava shader, which looks very cool (though hot would probably be a better word! :P). It looks very realistic!

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Download 'ffa_hts.zip' (3.03MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Heeding the Sunset
E-MAIL: thellamawama@hotmail.de
WEBSITE: none... got one in work

FILENAME: ffa_hts
COMPILE TIME: like 8 mins
BUILD TIME: uhh... i worked on it for... lets say 3 weeks
DATE RELEASED: 22 May 2006

Special thanks:
thanks to the guys over at the sjcleveldesign forums suggestions how to improve the map :)
another thanks goes to MATT for the nice balloon texture he made for me... thx man your great ;)
and of course to all my friends and beta testers

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract "ffa_hts.pk3" to your default Jedi Outcast base folder

DESCRIPTION: So here it is... finaly. I started that map like 4 month ago and after a failed try of converting it to jedi academy i didnt touch it again... untill last saturday. Had to rebuild half the map and some of the textures were lost. but its still quite ok isnt it? :)
             This map contains two platforms: one for duels and another one for spectators and those who like to spend their time in bars ;).

BUGS: not that I know, but please report them, if there are any.

COMMENTS: Well... that might sound lame... and indeed, it does, but i wish you great fun playing this map :) .
          You may use textures and or shaders, but make sure to give credit to me in your readme.


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