Hell's Saber



A simple mod that leaves an orange and red trail behind your saber. It looks best when used with a red or orange bladed lightsaber.



Hell’s Saber
This Saber was created by the Dark Sith’s who used Demon Worship to gain their Dark Force Powers but to have these force powers the Sith had to use these ‘Hell Sabers’.

Installation: Simply Extract the PK3 file in this Zip files to your LucasArts / JK2 / Game Data / Base directory folder & that’s it Enjoy.

About: This is my first ever Light-Saber Skin I’ve ever created 4 [email protected] so it isn’t that great but still very cool looking. I highly suggest you only used this Saber skin with the Dark Yellow colour looks best that way.
Contact: Any suggestions etc are accepted to my e-mail [email protected] 
Don’t Send Spam or any other stuff I don’t want Thanx.

WARNING : This Skin is not created nor support by LucasArts , Activision or Raven. I’m not responsible for anything this Skin should do 2 your Computer. But I can almost guan tee it want. 

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