Hoshi Sato

Very cool looking skin by Omega. Nice Job.


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Very cool looking skin by Omega. Nice Job.

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Ensign Hoshi Sato

Author:	Omega1989
Build Time:	1/2 week
E-Mail:	matthew.chartham@virgin.net
Description: This skin is of Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park), from the ST series Enterprise. Ensign Sato was Comm Officer on the first warp five ship to go into deep-space, the Enterprise. Hope you like the skin.
Bugs/Problems: I couldn't get rid of glove on her right hand. If anyone knows how to please give me an e-mail	
Installation:	Simply unzip to your GameData/base folder in you JKII directory.
Legal stuff:	You may not use any part of my skin without my permission, which can be got through e-mail. You may put this map on your website if this readme is included and I would appreciate an e-mail. This skin is not
supported by Raven and I am not liable for any damages it may cause to you or your computer. Enjoy!

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