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Bespin Streets (a.k.a. ffa_bespin) is probably the most-played map of all. So it's nice to see an extended version of this map. :) As you c...


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Bespin Streets (a.k.a. ffa_bespin) is probably the most-played map of all. So it's nice to see an extended version of this map. :) As you can see from the screens below, there are many more ledges, staircases, another pad and just more of everything. A pool is included in the shape of two letters you'll see throughout this map. And in the courtyard there's a statue of sorts, proudly claiming this Bespin map for the IF clan. Kind of tucked away is a little bar, Obi Tew's. In the same building, I believe, but many floors up is a council or meeting room. High above everything is a room specifically dedicated to DarthSidious, a member of IF. And finally, a very interesting addition is that of a couple of jail cells for those who dare break server rules! There are quite a few hidden areas too, but I figured I'd let you guys find 'em on your own. :)

My initial reaction to this map was like, "...meh ... more Bespin?" But after looking around a bit, you'll see it's not just more Bespin. L_A_user did give this map its own personality. Now, my FPS was not great here, but it probably won't be too bad for most of you guys. My only complaint about this map would have to be that the bright textures on the ledges, the streets, the pads ... y'know, all of that ... is just too bright white. It's kind of glaring. The music is a track from ESB, bot routes are included and this map supports many different game types. I'm not sure if this was L_A_user's first map, but if so, I have to say I can't wait to see what else you produce!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, JM, CTY


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Download 'if_bespin.zip' (6.33MB)

Title :  if_bespin
Author : L_A_user
E-Mail : rkbrode@hotmail.com
Website : fragglerock.teelplanet.com /  www.elmotm.ca

File Name : if_bespin
File Size : 6.36 mb
Date Released : N/A

Brush count:2634
Entity count:875
Bot support: Yes
New textures: Just clan stuff
New models: No
New shaders: No

Description : A clan map for <(IF)> Now unfortunately my compiler or maybe my comp doesn't compile maps very good so this map lags a little in areas.
I wish it didn't but it does.  So you may get a low framerate when playing it. Sorry about that. But I will release it to you anyways just so you can try it or play it at the <(IF)> server.
Please feel free to email me about the map.

Now, about the office in the sky. Please do not be offended by the picture in there. If you are please email me. The office can only be reached by teleporting so you would need a version of
Academy MOD to get in there. Or, you can spectate to have a look. But there is no other way in. There are 4 secret spots . But they are not hard to find.

Comments : Special thanks to Leslie Judge, <(IF)> clan.  Cap'n Crunch and Gunner for testing


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