This is a minor update to the Ikarus skin originally reviewed by Sanosuke: -{RBD}-Ikarus brings us Ikarus. A reborn Skin. hmmm First...


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This is a minor update to the Ikarus skin originally reviewed by Sanosuke:

-{RBD}-Ikarus brings us Ikarus. A reborn Skin. hmmm First, for a reborn skin, this is pretty interesting. It's just making it all black and then adding red stripes. This author actually added color! WOW! It's white and a light purple/blue weird color All over the skin. The face is pretty good, it looks like he's dead but hey! That just adds to it right? He has a scar over his eye and yes....he's dead looking...he has a thing on his belt with writing on it, and I couldn't read it cuz I'm blind. But I think it said Ikarus...If I'm wrong on that please excuse my bad eyesight .

This skin does not have bot support,team support, or new sounds. So it's just a re-painted reborn. Joy. To make it better, I suggest adding sounds, team suport and bot support.

What has changed? Now it has bot support and team colors making it a much more feasible reborn alternative...but still a reborn :p Then again it also has new sound which I rather like, it sounds like the author, or at least it sounds like a home player who's done voice which is cool, simply because of this I am keeping this skin in my base folder, especially after hearing taunt2.mp3 and falling1.mp3, ah those were unexpected and made me laugh. It's almost like playing Worms and having 'Reborn' instead of Flying Scotts, I love it!

Nice work on this modification to your original skin, and huge kudo's on the voices!

There is only one fault with this skin now (aside from the whole reborn thingy), IT'S NOT FOR JEDI ACADEMY!!!! Please please please do a version for JA using those sound taunts and send it straight to me so I can get it up! Ahem :)

Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download 'ikarusskinv2.zip' (2.28MB)


Title			:  IKARUS SKIN [New sounds, BOT and TEAM supported]

Author			: -{RBD}-Ikarus  (Chema o Jöse)
E-Mail			: kasiusklay@hotmail.com
clan Website		: www.clanrebelde.tk

File Name		: Ikarus.pk3
File Size		: 2325k
Date Released		: Jan,26 2004


Skin Description and intallation:

1) put the ikarus.pk3 file in your GAMEDATA/base directory. (if you have the first version you must
replace the file) 

2) this version, YES! supports bots and team skins.

3) NEW sounds ADDED

3) ikarus.pk3 is a select of all reborns parts with any modifications. 

4) specially for karate(front), bushido(back), and kendo(leg side) afiliates.

5) one tip-> saber colours: red (with red team skin), blue (with default skin), green (with blue team skin).

This skin was modificated following the comments of the www.jk2files.com webmaster.

I will send a "model" soon :D



This is a personal skin, best for Knights of Jedi Orders.

I like the blue,
I like the light,
and I don't like to see you
near of the dark side

Think, feel the force and moOve yourself!! 

Maria's a perfect girlfriend,
in an imperfect world.

JK2 and -{ReBeldeClan}-   POWAAAA!!!

Thanks to Odin (model screener), kain (laughing kid), and to my girl Maria

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