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A lot of effort has gone into the creation of this skin. IKBR TecknoMike{SLH} skinned this custom model of the Phyrexian Priest and sort of represents his clan, in a way. Or as he says, it describes his personal tag in JK2 {SLH} = Satan's Little Henchman. His skin is very dark and, I think, represents a henchman of Satan quite well. ;)

For a first time skinner, I think the author really wanted this to be a perfect skin for him. And I think he's accomplished what he wants. I am disappointed that it's lacking team skins, but other than that, this is a decent first job. The sounds are quite the mixed bag. The taunt sounds like Samuel Jackson, the pain sounds are mostly Homer Simpson and the jump and fall sounds are custom by the author himself. Like I said, it's a good first skin. :)

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    ><IKBR><TecknoMike{SLH}:custom phyrexian priest  FOR JK2FILES.COM STAFF: 

Author of orginal phyrexian priest:willz
Author of Custom Phyrexian priest:><IKBR><TecknoMike{SLH}
I would like to give credit to willz for making the orginal phrexian priest.

This skin is A custom phyrexian priest for me and to describe my personal 
tag in jk2
{SLH}=Satans lil henchman. i decided to make this skin look darker and more 
i am 12 yrs old and this is my  first skin. i made this by myself with no 
help from any1 at all.
THe orginal version of this skin has some cursing in some of the sounds. And 
i would like to submit to jk2files.com
and i want to follow the rules. so i decided to open my .pk3 and extract all 
the contents and replace the icon and
the sounds that have cursing with sounds that are not offensive. I hope u 
all like it!!!! :)
the jump and landing sounds are my own voice. i tried to get my jump sound 
to sound like if i was trying to really jump.


Extract the .pk3 in ur gamedata/base directory. The default path is 
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base

Again i give credit to willz for making the orginal phyrexian priest!! thx 
willz! :)

NOTE: I will not submit my orginal version to jk2files.com as it has some 
cursing in some of the sounds.

[email protected]

plz dont flood me with email! u may send me comments

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