Imperial Deposit

When I first spawned into the map, I instantly was on a large circular platform which started moving upward. I decided to stay on and take i...


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When I first spawned into the map, I instantly was on a large circular platform which started moving upward. I decided to stay on and take in the rather box scenery as I went up. The walls have a very annoying repeating texture on them, but fortunately it is broken up at various height levels by lights, and in one corner a small blue pipe which was feeding a generator down below. Then the giant door above me opened, a bit quickly for a door its size maybe, but the sounds worked and It looks okay. The top room seemed very encroaching, as I was surrounded by like, thirty AT'ST's. What annoyed me however, was that I couldn't actually get to them, as there was a giant invisible wall around the platform I was on. Oh, and there wasn't any apparent light sources to explain why the area I was stood in was lit, but not the areas behind the AT-ST's. Strange. I also couldn't get back down, so If you're havign a duel, make sure one of you doesn't get left behind in the bottom section whilst one goes up. (As you can't re-trigger it from the bottom either.) :(

Architecturally, the map is fairly boxy around the edges, but there are some curves and at least its an octagonal room as opposed to a square one. My major gripe, aside from the lift which doesn't come back and the repeating texture is that there isn't a lot of meaningful detail around the bottom section. Why is there a generator there? Whay is it doing? I'd have liked some interactivity in this map, some destroyables, something to make it a little more interesting. Oh, and the ammo racks are a too high up. :( I do think for a serious duel, this map should be fine, but I think a map needs to have a little flair to keep it fresh, as I became bored of this very quickly.

On a final note, I need to hunt you down for not including bot-routes on such a simple map! ;) The music used is classic JK2 duel music which I've heard far too many times, but I'm not complaining. Oh, and that lift should have some kind of support, it just floats upward with no visible force pushing it.

New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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IMPERIAL DEPOSIT - A Duel Map by Alessandro Menabò, alias GoodNight

For JK2

E-mail: [email protected]

File name: duel_deposit.pk3

File size: 966 KB

Date released: 10 August 2005

First of all, I thank myself for the patience and the work! Then, I would like to thank the members of the Consortium of the High Council (my clan) for the patience THEY had when they tested this map and for the suggestions the gave me.

To install this map, all you have to do is this: copy the .pk3 file into your "GameData/base" directory.

It's an enthralling duel map. The lower room, showed in the screenshot, is a real deposit of everything: a generator of power, a crystal machine, many boxes and crates and a console. The center circular  is an elevator. It will slowly go up to the second room, giving the impression of a movie duel in difficult conditions. The upper room has got a very big lamp and many ATST's disposed in circle. The area around the ATST's is in the shadow.

What should I say as a comment? I like it! And I hope you do, too!


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