IOoSI SkcuoL



This submission is from OoS SkcuoL and this is his first skin and was made for his use. This is another clan skin based on the Reborn model but the skin is sleeveless and has clan logo and some markings. Don’t be discouraged by the screenshot it doesn’t do justice to this skin.

This skin is good and worth the download if you play on OoS servers, you are part of OoS or like to collect Reborn skins. This clan skin is missing the essential team colors for the most important clan battles. Overall this is a great first skin keep up the good work.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No (SP)




Installation instructions

extract file SkcuoL.pk3 to gamedir/GameData/base

File Info

I made this as my first skin for myself. I made from the base Reborn model and used the acrobat face on it.
I also put symbols on the front and back. 

SkcuoL - Email me at [email protected]

Enjoy the official SkcuoL Skin and Good Gaming!

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