Well, being my first review is a model I am very excited to be the one to post this model. Chairwalker brings us an Ithorian, one of the many alien species found throughout the Star Wars Universe. He comes complete with both Red and Blue CTF variants and uses default sound sets from Raven.

My only problems with this are the lack of bot support, and the fact that the CTF variants look like not much planning and detail were put into it. The default skin is beautiful, and the model is overall an excellent piece of work. The red skin, however, looks like a reborn wearing a neck brace, and the blue skin doesn't look very blue. I would still recommend this model to everyone, if not to get yourself a great model to do some phenomenal skinning work on. Excellent work Chairwalker.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No New Sounds: No

- Chrono



Model Name              : Ithorian
Author                  : Chairwalker
Email Address           : [email protected]
Model description       : Why, its an Ithorian ofcourse :P
Thanks to               : Raven as usual, i used their textures and sounds.


How to install:
Unzip the zip file into you base folder. 


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