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This is a mod that gives you a new map to play in SP. Once run, it gives u three difficulty levels, all three are tough. It is loaded with e...


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This is a mod that gives you a new map to play in SP. Once run, it gives u three difficulty levels, all three are tough. It is loaded with enemies with extreme skill. You're surrounded by reborns, shadowtroopers, and other gun using enemies. In the end u have to fight Boba Fett, with force and a lightsaber, which makes him very tough. This mod makes the game a lot more interesting, as it gives you a lot of combat to go through.

Personally, I loved this mod, every second of it. The enemies were finally of a toughness that gave me the challenge of a real player. Ive played it twice already, and still love it, and intend to continue playing it, due to the difficulty.

- Spectrum

New Skins: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes New Maps: Yes

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Download 'izanagimod.zip' (10.52MB)

13th March 2003
The IZaNaGI Survival Mod
Created by Robin "izanagi" Molde
File Size:??mb
Basic system Requirements: 450mhz P3 or AMD equivelent
			   16mb Graphics card
			   128mb of Memory
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
	       Sound Blaster AWE64 Wave studio
	       eJay MP3 PRO
	       Lots of Tea!!!

Over two months in development, this has been my first major project for Jedi Knight 2. Based opon characters I have created for the star wars universe IZaNaGI is a ronin (Outcast) jedi on the run from both the light and dark sides of the force.
There are many features in the mod but the main aspect is just to survive the wave after wave of enemys and other surprises. There are over 80 enemys over roughly 17-18 waves in a large open arena but dont worry cos you'll have the assistance of another ronin jedi, IZaNaMI (Based upon my gorgeous girlfriend Nikki's ideas).
3 game modes, Normal (Under normal JK2 settings), Realistic (Far more chance you'll be cut up into chunky morsels), and Cheater (For the Noob in us all) it doesnt really need explaining that much more but I guarantee they're all fun and fast paced.
Also i have rehauled the Main menu and it now has a great Sith feel to it.
I've tinkered with almost every character's AI so they react differently in my mod than they would of in JK2 Regular, they fight better, or even worse in some instances.
And I've changed it so different reborn classes have different saber colours (Just to add variety) Oh yeah and the theme music is a "Sample" of PaperCut by Linkin Park :oD

Features in full:

3 game modes
New menu:
	 Total rework. Three additional settings, Normal, Realistic and Cheater
New textures:
	Not many but they are there
New sounds:
	Performed by my princess, Nikki Molde
New skins:
	IZaNaGI beta
	IZaNaMI beta
	Boba Fett Alpha
	FlameTrooper Alpha
	SithDuke Alpha by SithDuke (Ben Duke)
	MasterMind Alpha
New music:
	Sample from Linkin Park, Papercut found on the Reanimation album
New character AI:
	A rework of the NPC's file
New scripts:
	Very basic scripting, i was forced to modify existing ones with Notepad as i couldnt get JK2editingtools2.exe to work.


With IZaNaGI and IZaNaMI now on the run from both dark and light sides of the force, they stumble upon an ancient moon to rest on. Unfortunately after only what seems to be moments of rest, they hear remnant troops scouting the area.

After fleeing the area they decide to hide in an abandoned temple, or was it?? Entering the temple the huge stone doors close's behind them, trapping the duo.

"He's no good to me dead reborn!!!" Mumbles a gruff sounding character in the distance
"Yes Master Boba. May the force be with you Muh ha ha ha!!!!"

Now realising there arch enemy Boba Fett has them in his talons, the duo must fight there way out of the temple, or be frozen in carbonite and sold to the highest bidder ...

Bugs and faults:

Unfortunately if you die, the game resets to its default settings (Normal blue saber, and no other settings) So if you want another go on Realistic mode for example just abandon game and reselect it.
Also i dont suggest starting your regular JK2 SP game and then starting my mod, as it does tend to load the normal kyle model, but with IZaNaGI's skin and it just looks crazy and will ruin the game!
There shouldn't be any other problems but if in the rare event someone can find one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me @ samurai_design@hotmail.com so i can fix them.


Install the entire contents of this mod into your C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData folder, or wherever your Gamedata folder can be found. Then open JK2 as usual then go into options/mods and select "IZaNaGI's Survival" to activate the mod.

DON'T install into your base folder as it may cause major overwriting on your regular JK2, plus my Mod wont work :o))

To uninstall just delete the whole izanagi file then erm .... empty your recycle bin :op


Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this file in any
way and neither they, nor I will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and I have encountered no problems in using
this mod!!!

IZaNaGI's Survival and all contained inside the PK3 are either copyright to Me (Robin Molde) Lucasarts Raven or Activision (C) Robin Molde 2003

I know its unlikely but theres always a chance someone will rip off the skins or menu contained within. If your planning on modifying anything within the PK3 for release please contact me @ samurai_design@hotmail.com before doing so!

[Linkin Park] [Reanimation] and PPR:KUT are all copyright (C) to Warner Brothers. The use of the Sample use was NOT used with permission. Please by the album, im using this sample just for sharing purposes. :op Go and buy the album from any good record store if you like it.

Robin Molde 2003
Visit my websites @ http://members.lycos.co.uk/samuraidesign.html

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