Jabbas Palace

Well where do i start? Its a liingdeadjedi map so the quality is top rate, again. Its a huge map for small groups of people, i'd say u wou...


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Well where do i start? Its a liingdeadjedi map so the quality is top rate, again. Its a huge map for small groups of people, i'd say u would need 15+ so u could find things to kill. Its got everything u would want in a palace. Look through the screenys i posted at http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=4325. I really cant say anything more about the map its just sooo good. Its a MUST download.

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Author: LivingDeadJedi


Name of the map:jabba

erm might be jabbas palace not too sure HEHE

it has some areas in it not endorsed by lucasfilm and might not exist but they are fun  =]

*****THINGS TO KNOW*****
Most things like lifts and and buttons are activated by pressing USE  usually this means pressing space bar or what ever key you've set it to. Some buttons however can be shot or pushed. EG ones ya cant reach and the one by jabbas throne..

1 door in the palace that isnt important to the flow is the only one Chewie has to duck thru when using jedi mod 1.1 or 2.2
this is because hes made bigger than normal so gets stuck LOL

The main door to jabbas palace doesnt open,
I did make it open but i couldnt draw all of the palace as it made radiant crash. I tried making it so it opens and you see the outside like  i have done in the hanger, but i was told it was rubbish like that so left it...
maybe when Jk2 supports huge outside areas like  i need EG like in starwars galaxies.  then i can make it but for now radiant just aint that good which makes me sad  =[[

*****KNOWN BUGS*****
Well apart from the one thats just bit me........!!! OUCH !!!
A few silly lighting errors on the wall due to radiant. the textures are lined up perfectly and the walls but you get an uneven light ?????
Ive not spotted any others yet,  think i fixed them all but things can be missed so let me know if ya think you find one, but please dont touch it they bite  =]

Mike Gummelt for his help and all at Ravensoft
Raven for telling me that i could try applying for a job at Ravensoft,  but pity i live in UK hey  =[[[[[[[[
[XG]darth vader for beta testing it and making me the smaller of the skyhoppers (he wanted to make something ya see  =])
[OD]**Paul**  for beta testing and kicking the **** out of me =[[
[XG] Twilight for beta testing
Stukato for his guidance in mapping
Sergio for his comments =]
Winner_Rex for his excellent swoop model If you can make me a jabba model let me know
Some textures and models from a wirelamp studio tatooine map. Not sure if they made them but whoever did well doneski...
The larger skyhopper that was made by Brett Oliver
Nathan Noah for his most excellent Texture for the main door that he made for me  =]]] HAVE A BEER M8  =]]]

anyone i might have forgotten 


to install extract the pk3 from the zip file and place in your base subfolder inside Jedi knight 2 directory
then load map as an FFA or a duel all though map is a slight bit big for a duel HEHE and ive made Jedi master work to

Also on loadup if you get an ERROR HUNKMEGS   then do what it says
open console  (  shift and ` key )  then type in what it tells you to on error message the number is the amount of memory you want JK2 to use, mine is set to 128 megs
You may have done this for other maps anyway


your in a deserted jabbas palace after his death. Some things have been left around for you to play on  =]] LOL


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