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This mod is cHoSeN oNe's final version of the popular server-side-only mod. Itfixes a couple minor bugs which were preventing file saves at...


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This mod is cHoSeN oNe's final version of the popular server-side-only mod. Itfixes a couple minor bugs which were preventing file saves at build time in VS.NET.

Worr Sonn's original review is as follows:

This MOD is based off the AdminMOD core. It is very useful for clans that run a trial system, and highly useful for having sub-admins. I recommend it to mostly clan servers.

Personally, I use this mod on my duel server, and I found it extremely useful. The MOD functions great, I love the trainer and padawan type command system, and I love the /amwait emote. The only problem I found was that /amstatus did not function. Other than that the MOD is perfect. For improvement I'd add TCK's Saber MOD for more customization.

Great mod!


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This mod is the official mod for the Jedi Academy. A server-side only modification designed to keep the peace and order on the servers. This is the final chapter of this great series. With that in mind, I set out and improved this mod a great deal that makes it stand out from its preceding versions. It's loaded with Admin Commands, Client Commands, Emotes, Options, and cVars; Extremely modified to meet any clans expectations. This is truly the only mod you will ever need to get that doesn't alter the normal gameplay of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast® Please visit us at


New Features in 1.2
Admin and/or Knight login access can be Enabled/Disabled to disallow secondary admins . (If both set to 0, the rcon will have only access) 
All Admin Commands can be Enabled(default)/Disabled. 
All Emotes now default to Enabled. 
Cannot challenge or accept duels when emoted. 
Flag Carriers can only challenge/accept duels when opponent is carrying a flag. 
g_mFlagTrick - If enabled, Flag Carriers can now use mindtrick only if empowered. 
mterminator - turns client into a superb fighting machine. 
munterminator - turns client back to normal. 
Trainer Admin now has access to use the mnpcaccess and mnpcnoaccess command for NPC's. (amnpcaccess, amnpcnoaccess) 
g_mDoubleSaberEmpowered - toggles enabled/disabled double saber for empowered clients. 
g_mDuelStats - toggles enabled/disabled for duelers to see stats after duel. (Winner, HP, Armor) 
g_mNoDuelSuicide - if enabled, user cannot use the \kill command during duels. 
Tweaked Admin Commands for other gamemode compatibilities. 
Client's nick can now be 50 characters rather than 36. 
Tweaked all (except CTF) messages with the color white to compensate for colored names. 
Jedi Vs. Merc mode - Mercs get hurt a little easier than Jedi. 
Jedi Vs. Merc mode - Empowered only works on Jedi, Terminator only works on Merc. 
Optimized Source code to increase speed and stability. 

Features in 1.1
New Custom cVar welcome message in console. 
mgametype - Trainers can now change maps/gametypes. 
mrandteams - Randomizes teams in CTF gameplay. 
amhelp - Helps JAT's, JAK's, Students with admin commands. (Custom help messages capable) 
4 New Custom cVars to display messages for logged in/not logged in administrators upon use of admin command. 
Improved Jedi Vs. Merc Mode. 
g_mBlockThrow - allows client to lose thrown saber if blocked by opponent. 
Fixed emote(s) exploit during Duels and SaberLocks. 
Clients can now Duel in Team gamemods. 
g_mDebugCheats - allows access to hidden features in JK2. (cVar default is 1) 
mnpcaccess - allows client access to the NPC features. 
mnpcnoaccess - disallows client access to the NPC features. 
g2animent - spawns an NPC. 
g2platoon - spawns a platoon of NPC's. 

Features in 1.0
Everything is now logged to the server. 
New Jedi Knight login system and its accompanied commands. 
amsay - now sends message to both Trainer and Knight.(Trainer & Knight use only) 
mwhois - allows admin to see who is logged in as a Trainer and/or Knight. (Trainer & Knight use only) 
mkick - now appends a message to client as well as to the server. (Trainer & Knight use only) 
mkickban - now appends a message to client as well as to the server.(Trainer use only) 
mtele - teleports user to a desired location. (Trainer use only) 
morigin - gets players location on the map.(Trainer use only) 
mpunish - punishes client. (Trainer use only) 
munpunish - unpunishes client. (Trainer use only) 
mreward - rewards client for passing his/her trial.(Trainer use only) 
mforceteam - forces a client to a specific CTF team. (Trainer use only) 
mdenyvote - denies a certain client to vote. (Trainer use only) 
mallowvote - returns voting privilege to client. (Trainer use only) 
mlockteam - locks a specific team in CTF mode so no one can join. (Trainer use only) 
munlockteam - unlocks a specific team in CTF mode so people can join. (Trainer use only) 
All items can now be pushed/pulled. 
Added 14 new emotes. 

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