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John Leitner brings us this sharp looking startup screen with the Jedi Code here. But, it's just another startup screen as stated before you only stare at it for 2.3 seconds, whats the point? I do like how the author paid attention to the KOTOR game enough to put this code in. Anyways, good job! 7/10




README FILE for Jedi Code Startup Screen

Just replace the file "Product" (in this ZIP) with the one in 
programfiles/lucasarts/star wars JK II Jedi Outcast/install 
(make sure to keep the file named as "Product" or it wont work) Delete 
(or remove) the "product" file in the install folder first then extrack
the one in this ZIP file to install (they can't be in the same 
folder at once).
File Info
Well it is a very simple startup screen (simple is always better) and
they don't take too long to make (About 10 minutes once I find a 
pic I choose).
My Info
Name: John Leitner
Website: None
E-mail: [email protected]
Extra Notes
Just remember these startup screens are my FIRST files I have ever made
and they were made using Paint so please don't say anything bad thanx.  

The reason I made these was there wasnt any good startup screens that 
I liked so I thought I might as well make my own and I am glad with 
all the ones I made (so far)

More Startup Screens To Come So Look Out For Them!
I don't know what to put here so just no copyrighting and stuff.

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