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Generally, I'm the easiest reviewer to please. Sometimes I can be harsh, but I usually apologize in the same sentence. RedGuard is lucky th...


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Generally, I'm the easiest reviewer to please. Sometimes I can be harsh, but I usually apologize in the same sentence. RedGuard is lucky that he got me to review his first map and I'm not feeling well today, so I'm going to be more compassionate than I normally would for a map like this.

JF Arena is a map created for the JF clan. It is, in layout, obviously a clan map. You have your obligatory bar (in this case, a cafe), the large room with stairs that lead to several rooms with different themes and of course, a council room.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an awful lot of z-fighting all over in this map. I even found one area with an HOM effect (didn't get a screenshot of that). So yeah, there are some issues with this map, but this is RedGuard's first map. There's bound to be issues. I'm surprised that he'd take on such an ambitious project for his first map.

The first room I checked out looks like a field of some kind, with two goals and some stands. Then when I found the bouncy-trampoline-thingy on the side of the stairs that took me up to the platform where a rocket launcher and ammo sat in the center, it all suddenly made sense! It's like, rocket tennis, but more like, rocket soccer. Or something. The rockets leave black marks on the bright blue and red goals, so you'll know when you've scored. The goalie can keep rockets away with push ... and ... very cool idea. :) The only thing about this room that bugged me, really was the stairs. Easy to bound down them, but you can't just run back up them. Grr.

So the second room was obviously devoted to FFAing. One big area had a few guns and no obstacles whatsoever. Just frag to your heart's content. Below that area were two dueling platforms. One was just a regular dueling surface, while the other was a big square pool for water duels. The stairs there bugged me too. Rawr. There's also this little room that just didn't make any sense to me at all. You hop through the window and like, there's nothing inside. Go through the door and around a corner and you're back in the larger room. Hmm.

The third room was a water room with one dueling platform. You have to fight fast, because you are underwater. The fourth room was simply a dojo, I think, for dueling. The lights were a bit too bright and the whole room just had a harsh look to it. Then the last room was just a place to put the transporter thingy in to the council room.

Like I said, this was an ambitious project for a first-time mapper. RedGuard's greatest accompliment here, in my opinion, would be the rocket room. That looks like fun. This map could definitely use some improvement. The z-fighting was quite distracting in some areas and minor in other areas. The lighting always seemed too bright or too dark to me. It's an excellent first attempt and you can only get better with time and practice. :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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               ----=Jedi Forces Arena 1.0 Alpha=----

     Summary: This is a map created by RedGuard for the {JF} Clan. Leppy also gave
        some fantastic input about the levels!

     Installation: Put "JFArena1A.pk3" in your 
        C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base\ folder.

     Author Info:
         Author: RedGuard

     Side Notes:
         I am a first time mapper, and this was a fun map to make. It is still alpha 
         and I hope I find time in the future to update it...

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