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Okay, I have tested this and it works GREAT. I am SO HAPPY this one is available to us now.

How often do you window your JK2? Do you ALT-ENTER all the time when you get an instant message or email? Don't you hate how the game has to reload the map every time, and you have to lag for almost a good minute while it happens?

Well, the solution to the dilemma lies in this small-but-powerful program. Now, you will be able to INSTANTLY minimize and restore your game, with no interruptions or delays! I cannot recommend this enough as a critical program for daily gamers.

One word of warning. This works best when you run your JK2 at the same or greater screen resolution as you run Windows. While playing JK2, the utility displays your Windows desktop at the same size as your JK2 settings, so if you run JK2 smaller, you'll miss part of your Windows screen.

I have tested this in Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. It does NOT work in 98. Hopefully a new version will be released supporting 98 very soon.

Otherwise, this program has become one of my new favorite mini-utilities for gaming. Get it now!

- Astyanax



Jedi Knight 2 Minimizer Readme

This is a Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast minimizer, meaning that you can
use two hotkeys to minimize and restore Jedi Knight 2 while it is running. 

To use this application:
	1. Unzip the archive to any directory, such as your Jedi Knight 2 directory
	2. Start the application, it loads a small icon to the System Tray area
	3. Start Jedi Knight 2 as you normally would
	4. During the game, at any time, press
		CTRL + Z to minimize Jedi Knight 2
		CTRL + SHIFT + Z to restore it again
	5. You can also click on the icon when Jedi Knight 2 is minimized to restore it

The icon in System Tray shows the status of Jedi Knight 2. If Jedi Knight 2 is running, the icon looks like the standard Jedi Knight 2 shortcut icon. If it is not running, the icon has a small circle and a line drawn over it, like a 'stop' sign.

Right-clicking on the icon will pop up a small menu, from which you can get About & Quick help and close the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When minimizing Jedi Knight 2, my desktop is terribly bright and I can't see anything !
A: This is caused by 'r_overBrightBits' setting in the game. Setting it to 0 will fix the problem.  
   Also check your 'r_gamma' setting for ridicously high values like 2 or 3.

Q: Why did you do this application ?
A: I hate ALT+ENTER, it takes way too long to minimize Jedi Knight 2 that way :(

Q: Nothing happens !!
A: Check your Jedi Knight 2 Video Setup. It has an option named 'Full Screen'. Check that this 
   option reads 'On'.
A2: If you have a german keyboard, try pressing 'CTRL+Y' instead.

Known bugs

The application has been tested with Windows XP and Service Pack 1. It might not work under Windows 98. If YOU have Windows 98, test the application, and if it does not work, send an e-mail to the contact address, specifying your Windows 98 version (SE or normal), keyboard manufacturer and keyboard language settings.

Contact info and Credits

Code:		Antti Keskinen
Graphics:	Antti Keskinen & Raven Software

Author of this software can be commonly reached from the JHC Clan Jedi Knight 2 server. Connect to server and look for my nick, {jedi} Deathwish. Other way of contact is via e-mail, at '[email protected]'. Place 'Jedi Knight 2 Minimizer' to topic of the message, otherwise it may end up in trashcan..

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