Jedi Outcast Console Command List



Not really a Utility or Tool, but I didn't know what category I should put it in so I dropped it here :)

From the author:

I decided to put this list together for all the future (and present) modders out there. This will hopefully help them in the developing of some great mods, configs, and who knows what else. All console commands and be completed using the [TAB] key. You can also see the default and present values of most commands/settings by pressing the [ENTER] key.

You can also get a list of commands by typing "cmdlist" or "cmdlst" (forgot which one it was eh...) in the console (Shift + ~), but this list is sorted by alphabet! Print it out and hang it on your bedroom and bathroom walls, and cram all the commands in your head so you'll never forget em :D


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