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Honestly, I'd hardly call this a "revamp" as more of a slight tweak of things which were, for the most part, fine as they were. The author's...


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Honestly, I'd hardly call this a "revamp" as more of a slight tweak of things which were, for the most part, fine as they were. The author's words of "fantastic" and "thrilling" don't spring to mind at all.

Anyway, as I said, this is basically just a set of tweaks, so as such, here's the list:

- Menu music changes. Through The Canopy for SP, Battle of the Heroes for SP. The SP menu music isn't really noticable that much, since you'll probably be making a fast beeline for the load menu. Battle of the Heroes is a completely inappropriate choice for menu music. For a boss battle, maybe, but not for the menu.

- "Gas" effect when you strike people with a lightsaber has been removed. This actually reduces the realism of the game somewhat. In the movies, this effect wasn't present because most of what got cut through was flesh and robes, but in the games, most of what gets cut is plastic. What happens when plastic melts? I dunno about anyone else, but when I was doing technology at school, melting plastic let off a steam effect. Either way, Raven's steam effect looks kinda bad, so this might be a welcome tweak for some of you.

- Tavion no longer has the chin tatoo. See the author's Tavion reskin. That's what ya get here.

- Force Powers sound like they do in the movies. I noticed little, if any, difference.

- Sense, Rage, Absorb, Protect, and Jump have no sound. While I admit these sounds were annoying (especially sense), it just feels so wrong using force powers and having no audible indication that you're doing it. It's also trickier to time certain things, such as low force jumps, and keeping protect up, since you can't here when they're going to run out.

- Push, Pull, Protect, Rage and Absorb are invisible. I'm going to go out on a limb and say "no". Push and Pull, sure, their graphics are annoying, but the other three should not have been changed. Firstly, you can't really say that's how they were in the movies, as they were never used. Secondly, I foresee a MAJOR gameplay disadvantage for people using this. Considering the fact that when an opponent uses one of the above powers, you either have to change your tactics or die painfully, then not knowing that the opponent is using isn't authentic - it gives unfair advantages to those who use them.

- Stance names have been changed to proper forms. Well, seeing as how the five lightsaber styles in the game are improvised, and not based on actual forms of saber combat, then these names are now inaccurate. Considering these names are never visible during the course of normal gameplay, then I'm going to ignore this one.

- Medium and strong stance colors changed. The medium stance icon is green, strong is purple. I don't agree with the purple, maybe that fits for Desann's style, but the green is nice.

- Weapons sound like the movies. The mod includes a sound pack made by another author.

- Main menu title is now "classic gold". Basically, it's had a slight color overlay pasted on top.

- Fire and blaster fire is enhanced and more vivid. Again, I noticed practically no difference.

- Shield in multiplayer is gone. Both good and bad. Good because the shield is fugly. Bad because it makes it harder to gauge your opponent's shield and health values.

- Sphere effect in CTY is gone. Again, good and bad. It makes the Ysalimiri holder less noticable, but bad because you can't always tell if they're force immune or not when you're in the middle of a battle.

- Red/Blue changed to Imperial/Rebel. Just a name change. This didn't need changing - it was fine how it was.

- Team Energize, Force Grip, Team Heal and Dark Rage renamed to Battle Meditation, Force Choke, Revitalize and Rage, respectively. Another one which was fine as it is. Team Energize has nothing to do with Battle Meditation, they're entirely different powers, and BM is a rare ability, so it doesn't make sense having it as a common power. Force Grip is actually called Force Grip, not Choke. Team Heal, well, Revitalize is a decent enough name for it, although it was better as Team Heal because then you'd just *know* it was Team Heal, rather than having to associate the name.

Dark Rage, well, this one's entirely preference. I'm assuming it was named Dark Rage in the game to clarify that it was a darkside power, as JK2 didn't color code, but technically, since it's an original power for the game, it has no 'canon' name, so can be called what you like. Call it Focus Energy if you want, it's still the same thing. ;)

This is basically a collection of what I like to call 'sixty-second tweaks', since none of them would take more than a minute to do. This really should have been released as seperate pk3s for each component, since some components are good, but there are more negatives than positives, and you'd really be hard-pressed to notice any difference.

There is one major error which was encountered. Levels which are preceded by a cutscene or movie of any kind will return an error, kicking you back to the main menu. This seems to occur at random, so you might get it, but at the same time you might not.

Still, if you want to tweak your game, here's a little pack which will do just that.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Jedi Outcast: Revamped
AUTHOR: Merago Menac

FILENAME: JO_Revamped.pk3 

FILESIZE: 10.9 mb 
DATE RELEASED: 23 July 2006 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract all files into: Gamedata/Base.

DESCRIPTION: This thrilling mod is a large step towards making Star Wars: Jedi Outcast, more
like the movies! This a fantastic mod works in singleplayer AND multiplayer!

The contents of this thrilling mod:

The menu music in Singleplayer is replaced by 'Through the Canopy' from Republic Commando.
The menu music in Multiplayer is replaced with 'Battle of the Heroes'.
The gas that appears when you hit people with a lightsaber is gone.
Tavion no longer has a purple tattoo on her chin.
Force Powers sound like they do in the movies.
Force Sense, Rage, Absorb, Protect, Jump, ect. have no sound, making it more like the movies.
The graphics for Force Push, pull, protect, rage, and absorb are now invisible
All names of lightsaber stances have been changed to proper forms:

Fast - Makashi
Medium - Shii-Cho
Strong - Juyo
Desann - Djem-So
Tavion - Niman
New icons for saber stances in the hud.
Lightsabers and weapons sound like they do in the movies. (Thanks Patrick)
The menu title 'Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast' is now classic gold.
Fire and blaster fire is enchanced and more vivid.
The shield that appears when you are hit in multiplayer is now gone.
The sphere in Capture the Ysalamiri is now gone.
Instead of Red/Blue teams, you now have Imperials/Rebels.
Team Energize is renamed Battle Meditation
Force Grip is renamed Force Choke.
Team Heal is renamed Revitalize.
Dark Rage is renamed Rage.


To my beta-tester, David Mitchell.

To Patrick, because I am using some of his 'Cinematic Saber and Weapons SFX' mod.

COMMENTS: I hope you enjoy this mod.


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