Jedi Outcast Update

jedinoob_jedi_outcast_update.zip —


characters, as well as new sound effects for weapons, alarms, ambiance, etc.Adds 2 optional variant skins for Luke's lightsaber, both being lesser represented versions of the Return of the Jedi hilt (I don't like the one that everyone keeps trying to remake. :P) Changes Luke's outfit, so that he now has an all black/dark grey collar around his neck, rather than that ridiculous red-striped one.The basic imperial now has a dark grey uniform rather than the bright bluish one that simply doesn't fit Imperial Protocol.adds multiple new/replacement lightsaber sounds. What you get depends on what .pk3 you use. adds new music for various levels, taking away the constantly recycled feel left by reused music sets. adds new lightsaber blades, though this was simply because I felt it was necessary. They're not crucial to the "feel" of this mod, and you don't have to use them if you have a preferred saber mod.[/quote]Interestingly enough, a lot of the changes were very pro. The music choices were actually very well selected, and didn't make me want to vomit at the thought of listening to them, which is freaky, considering it was still John Williams's stuff, and I hate listening to that. Most of the sounds were pretty good, though some were kinda weird. What on earth did you do on tiepass5.wav? Sounds all choppy and stitched together.The graphical updates I didn't really put too much emphasis. The imperial officer just looked like a reduxed commander to me, and the Skywalker collar ....well I never paid any attention to it, so I barely noticed the difference.Overall, however, I'd say it'd be worth taking a peek. All of the updates are separate pk3s, so you can pick and choose your updates. Have at, buds and babes.- Averus Retruthan


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