Jedi Training Corridor

Well, here we have a medium sized FFA map, by the name of Jedi Training Corridor. Despite what the name says though, its quite a bit more t...


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Well, here we have a medium sized FFA map, by the name of Jedi Training Corridor. Despite what the name says though, its quite a bit more than a corridor ;) There are quite a few rooms here, and they are reasonably sized, so you could comfortably have duels in there. You could also use the map for a guns FFA, but because it has no open areas (its all inside) and with the doors separating rooms, it just feels more like a Saber training map. But I suppose it could be used for lots of things :)

The texturing wasn’t too bad, although it was a bit flat, maybe some extra architectural features like some pillars or something would have made it a bit nicer, but it wasn’t that bad :) There are plenty of weapons which is good :) And they are pretty well placed around the map.

Some things that could be improved upon though:

All around the map the lighting is very bright and harsh. I noticed some red light textures on the ceiling, try adding some reddish colored lights near those light textures, it will add a bit more realism and variety to the lighting :)

One other thing that was very noticeable was the z-fighting in some areas. That’s where two brushes occupy the same space, and when you look at it ingame, the wall or whatever appears to flicker as you move (for anyone who is not sure what that means). In most of the map there were only a few little bits where there was z-fighting, but in the water duel room, I noticed there was quite a bit of it happening in the water. Remember to only make sure there is one brush in the same place at the same time.

Also when I went into the water, I noticed that the water brush seemed to have been clipped, so I could see what appeared to be a wall of water infront of me. Remember when you put two water brushes together, make sure you texture the two faces of the water texture that meet (to select a face of a brush press CTRL SHIFT and LEFT CLICK at the same time) with the nodraw texture (that can be found in the system textures folder). You could also use the caulk_water texture, which is also in the system textures, but I’m not sure if that works as I’ve never tried it lol. I hope that is of some help to you :)

Overall though a good map here mate :) It could do with some bot support though (Bot Support Tutorial: But its probably better played with real players anyway.

This is also a good site for lots of different types of tutorials:

Keep up the mapping mate, I look forward to seeing more of your work ;)

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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File Name                  : jeditrainingcorridor
Map Name                   : JediTrainingCorridor
File Size                  : 384 Megabytes
Version                    : One
Production Time            : 9 hours 53 minutes
Music                      : None (if you know how to make it work, could you please e-mail me. Thx) 
Gametype(s)                : FFA, TFFA
Author                     : KotS_Blade
E-mail Address             :


Map Description            : This (as the name states) is a Jedi training corridor. Here the Jedi
practice their melee, hand-to-hand and gun combat skills. In this map are six rooms: meeting room,
lava duel room, water duel room, two gun rooms and a multi-purpose room. There is also a secret

This is the first version of this map.

This is the second map I have made.

Bugs and Errors:
Can't get the lava to work (If you know how to make it work, plz e-mail me. Thx.), water does a
funny flashing thing, doors do the flashing thing, and in one or two spots so do the walls.

Also if anyone knows how to make the preview screen work could you please e-mail me. Thx again.
And plz don't tell me that you can walk through the ferns, I made it so that you could.
If you know how to put custom textures in could you plz e-mail me. Thx. Again. lol. 


Simply put the pk3 file into your Lucasarts/Jedi Outcast/GameData/Base directory.



GEORGE LUCAS for Star Wars



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