JJ Hooka Master Temple



leads through the mountains to the remaining areas. One, near the mountain top, which Contains a garden and pavilion. The other, a mountain plateau with a temple housing a very large sculpture of a hookah.[/quote]What can I say about this map?No really. What words can sum up how amazing this map is? I can't think of anything suitable, so instead, I am going to try and string together my own thoughts about it.I love it! If it were a woman, I'd have no chance at going out with it, but I'd still try! :pIt's everything you could imagine that a secluded temple would be. It's calm, peaceful, and hidden away from the troubles of the rest of the world.Be careful though as the underground passage way is quite large, and very easy to get lost in. A bit like an unintentional map.New Textures: Yep!New Sounds: Yep!New Music: Yep! (and very relaxing)Bot Routes: Yep!Game Types: Free For All, Duel(And yes, this is my first file review for JKFiles, incase anyone were wondering),-SuperSmeg


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