JK2 Player Model Import Tutorial



Michael Frost (sithlord-II) has generously given his time and expertise to this tutorial just for those who were looking for one to help them get through the process of importing a JK2 model. He helps you from the very first step of setting up 3D Studio Max and your JK2 Editing tools all the way to the very end, to the point of even testing your file. There are a few links that don't work, but I'm sure with a little research on your own, you can find what Michael intended you to download. After setup, he walks you through extracting assets, he explains the model and each of its parts and even goes into the little details about the facial animations.

He's also included screenshots of the screens you'll be seeing in the programs you'll be using and he explains in further detail what each of the screens mean. He even points out the location of buttons you'll be using through his images. Exporting from 3D Studio Max is explained in Part 6. Michael even goes into sounds and bot files in later chapters. He doesn't get too detailed about shaders, but at least he tells you where to put them and links to another place where you can learn all about Q3 shaders. :) Great tutorial, Michael!




Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
Player Model Import Tutorial

by michael frost
frost_michael at hotmail.com



2.656 mb

Unzip the file's contents to anywhere on your hard drive.
The tutorial is in HTML format and should be fairly easily readable.
I have it broken down into main sections so you dont have to go through all 40 or so pages on your own, at once!


I would like to thank anyone who may have helped me along the way... Arco, Kman, Toonces, Tux, Invader, Omar Torres, Bloodriot, Absath, and anyone else i may have forgotten, well, let me know! i didnt do this all on my own, i had to learn alot of it from others!

Jedi Knight 2 is copyright Lucasarts entertainment company and Raven software LTD, 2002.

Michael Frost, 2003

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