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In the world of Jedi Knight 2, scripts server many purposes. They can come in the form of text binds, displaying such simple things as “Good...


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In the world of Jedi Knight 2, scripts server many purposes. They can come in the form of text binds, displaying such simple things as “Good Fight” or “LOL” or whatever else you please. Scripts can also be used to load your favorite skins or your custom controls. But, just as with the Force, there is a dark side to scripting.

Queen of Noobs has sent us a massive collection of scripts for JK2 that do pretty much anything you want them to. With the press of a key you can do a backstab, you can do the red DFA, the yellow DFA, both at normal speed and at an increased rate. All you need to do to get them working is drop them into base and go into each file and tell it which key you want to use. And when I say each file, I mean all of the 38 files. The cool thing is, because there are so many files you can pick and choose what you want to use. So, after doing all that the hacking and slashing fun begins.

While most servers ban the use of such scripts, I’m sure some out there will have no problem with them. So if you’re feeling a little noobish and maybe you need some help racking up some kills this could be the file, or group of files I should say, for you. Just watch where you use them, there’s no need to anger anyone.

- Daku

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Download 'queen_of_noobs.zip' (25KB)

//Queen of noobs proudly presents her work for those, who cannot play jk2 at all. Visit my homepage www.ebe-online.de/home/queen_of_noobs.html or send me an E-mail: queenofnoobs@hotmail.com

How to make the scripts run:

1. unzip all files into jk2/game/base folder.
2. open each script, except autoexec.cfg and startgame.cfg, with editor or notepad
3. each script, except autoexec.cfg and startgame.cfg, has a line, which looks like:
bind XX vstr asdfafsdfasdfaef
just replace XX with a key of your choice and save it into the same name and as a text-file, but be sure to keep the suffix .cfg
4. start jk2
5. in game press f10 to activate all scripts

How to use the script in game:

for my backstab (bs) scripts u have to face the enemy! Just hit the key u bound and the script will do a 180 degree turn and start a bs.

Most of my scripts start in red stance, but there are also some which start in blue stance.
So be sure using the right stance. Mostly those scripts with red_..... start in red stance.

When using a bs-script 2 lines, which are only visible for you, will appear.
I made that for troubleshooting. When a bs is missing, you can see, wheather it was the fault of that 180 degree turn or not. therefore take the very last number of each line right after that "(.....):" and calculate their diffrence. e.g
(........): 260
(........): 80

260-80=180 meens 180 degree-turn

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