jk2maps for multiplayer



memorable levels from JKO's single player mode, as if they were multiplayer.It was originally intended to be 5 maps, but Artus Prime doesn't seem to want to work at all. The only thing I found inconvenient about this, is that they are not selectable in the Free For All list like other maps would be. You need to enter them into the console to be able to play them.The Force power cubes on Yavin Streets now act as teleports. Be careful not to fall down the elevator shafts, because you won't be able to get back up.To access the consoleHold SHIFT and on the JKO MP menu screen to open to bring down the console screen.Map launch commands:map yavin_templemap yavin_courtyardmap bespin_streetsmap bespin_platformTo load those maps with cheats enabled, replace "map" in the console commands with "devmap".New Textures: NoNew Sounds: NoNew Music: No Bot Routes: Yes (but not on Yavin Courtyard)Game Types: FFA-SuperSmeg


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