JK2MF Serverside

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be constantly too exhausted these day to get anything done, but I am trying to change that![/i]What we have here is a very nifty server side mod (the client side mod for Windows and MacOSX will be reviewed shortly!) which helps prevent cheaters from exploiting any loopholes and otherwise causing trouble on your server. To be honest I have always wondered if cheating was even actually possible in JK2 or JKA multiplayer, there have been a few people I have played with who seemed to be able to do more damage than should be allowed or able to hit you when you were nowhere near them, but I always put this down just to server lag or their skill. But it seems that some cheating is actually possible, which actually makes me look back at some experiences a little differently. Still after reading the authors readme, I really didnt understand that much of it, all of these commands and coding are not really my area of expertise so I am not familiar with how it all works behind the scenes, though I did notice this:

The anticheat system detects and blocks - code modifications ( jkbot, mombot, cvar unlockers, opengl hacks and more ) - unallowed clientside modifications ( cgame.qvm ) - movement scripts

To be honest I always thought that aimbot was a myth! Good to know there is a mod then that helps stop people from using it! I wonder if there is anything like this mod for JKA?Anyway, there you have it, a good server side mod here to help stop cheaters from prospering on your server! What is more you can also use this with other mods such as: DS-Online, DCMod, Twimod and most other mods. If you want to take a look at the details, be sure to have a good read through the readme. Good work to the author! :)~Nozyspy~


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