without the quotations, and press Enter.[/u][/b]I'm not sure of how many trick jumpers still exist within this community, or if any exist at all.If some do however, then here is a map to test your skills on, or drive you nuts because of the jumps required. ;)What this is, is basically a trick jumper's dream, or nightmare, depending on how much trick jumping you actually did within Jedi Outcast.A few different courses, all with varying difficulty levels, lasting 5 minutes for a pro, or an hour for a noob (I don't "do" trick jumping. :p ), and all with Joe Esposito's "You're The Best" playing in slighter higher speed on an endless loop. Fans of the original Karate Kid may get a kick out of this map. :p Sweep the leg! :DMoving on, the user claims to have new textures, but they all look familiar to me. They look like stock textures, but without going through the whole game, I can't be certain. If they are new, the credits in the readme file are justified.Difficulty levels:E=EasyH=HardA=Arc jump roomX=XtremeD=DuelroomSpecs:Game types: TFFA, FFA, Holocron FFA, Jedi MasterBot support: NoMusic: YesNew textures: Yes, apparently-SuperSmeg


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