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I'm back! And I'm doing a review! And I'm suffering from an uncontrollable urge to end every sentence with an exclamation mark! Hello,...


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I'm back! And I'm doing a review! And I'm suffering from an uncontrollable urge to end every sentence with an exclamation mark!

Hello, boys and girls, it's good to see you all again. Uncle Dan is back, and will be teaching you a spot of skinning today. No, I have no clue how to actually skin. In fact, I derive great pleasure from critiquing the work of others in efforts that I couldn't duplicate in about a bakillion years. That's life.

And no, Johnny, I'm sorry, but we're not using the slide projector today. That gag only works with map reviews.

So here we are. The two authors of today's subject worked together to bring folks a quaint little skinpack full of various recolors of a single base skin. The recolors are primarily for use by the clan for which the skins were made, as they signify various rankings within the clan's leadership structure. For the common man, this just means variety, and variety is indeed the spice of life.

I noticed two main things about the skin that really jump out. The first is the face: it's simply gorgeous. I don't think that the face was made from scratch; it's a little TOO good, and when compared with the efforts of the rest of the skin, and even the scars on the face, there are some definite imbalances. Nevertheless, it's a solid visage; I'm just not at all sure that it's proprietary.

Then comes the metal of the skin itself. From the screenshots included with the skin, you may be under the impression that the metal pieces of the skin have environmental mapping applied.


Now, that's not to say that the gleaming of the skin doesn't look great, but the fact remains that it just doesn't flow. A much better idea would have been to texture the metal more simply, and then apply a shader to the skin to add the metal sheen. As it is, the metal looks a little too artificial to come off as real.

Other than that, it's a solid set of recolors that are enjoyable in their own right. Sure, some of the skins look almost like superheroes ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but others have some pretty good color combinations.

The bottom line? Sometimes tasteful, other times gaudy, download this little pack if you need to spice up your gameplay with some extra variety. The face is nice, but everything else is just recoloration.

Bot Support: NO New Sounds: YES Team Colors: YES (and then some)

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Title			: [JwC] Clan Skin
Author			: {ICoP}FurySpawN: Default and Master recolor and texture; tweaking of all skins to enhance color.
			: [JwC]Tyrant: Apprentice, Blue, Council Member, Jedi, Knight, Padawan, and Red recolor; color theory 			and schemes on all skins.
E-Mail			: ICoP_FurySpawN@hotmail.com and darthtyrant@hotmail.com
Website			: http://www.icopclan.com and http://www.switchblaze.com/jwc/
File Name		: -jwc-skin
File Size		: 9.03MB (Pretty big)
Date Released		: July 22, 2003

Description		: Recoloration and texturing of the {ICoP}Fallen skin (originally by {ICoP}FurySpawN). Made for the [JwC] Clan, to include the different ranks of Jedi, and teams skins.
Comments		: This skin was recolored by permission of {ICoP}FurySpawN; modification/use of the textures without his, {ICoP}'s, or [JwC]'s permission is prohibited. 


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