Kashyyyk Trooper



care to, so I'll just get this over with. As with Xedryn's ROTS Trooper, the team skins are themselves another skin. The default is a camouflaged-ish trooper, and I really am just like...."meh, it's plasted with grainy green." I can't comment on accuracy, and quite frankly, I'm too tired at this point to look up a comparison shot XD. I'll trust in y'alls judgement this time.The team skins are pretty simplistic, and I have seen comparison shots of the yellow plated one, so I can say that in terms of accuracy, it's not terrible. The other team skin is just a simple color re-tint, so not much to comment there. You'll know if you want 'em.Bot Support: NayNPC Support: NayNew Sounds: NayTeam Support: Aye- Averus Retruthan


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